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With the rising demands for support access anytime, anywhere, from any device and the continuing need to contain support costs, remote support solutions have risen to the top three “must-have” technologies. Coupled with a solution lifecycle that averages three to...

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Mobile devices are the new PCs. Employees are increasingly using them as their primary work devices and, consequently, BYOD programs are becoming more deeply embedded in the workplace. Mobile support continues to challenge service desk organizations with raised...

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Does “desktop support” have a future? The HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board thinks it does, and this white paper is a road map that will help organizations navigate the changes ahead.
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With the average lifecycle of an ITSM solution lasting three to five years, coupled with the increasing adoption of cloud-based ITSM solutions, it’s a good time to plan ahead, do your research, and gather all the facts you need to build a business case for your next solution. Join three top...

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In the pursuit of improvement, knowledge is key. Today’s knowledge management tools are more robust, and getting smarter all the time. But remember, a lot comes down to the human factor: a body of knowledge is only as good as the support professionals who use it, fix it, flag it, and add to it.
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