Learn about new technologies that can advance your support center.

Support teams face the challenge of implementing best practices with the aim of providing better service, having good governance, and getting IT to work effectively. Is ITIL the answer?
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A comprehensive list of technology information and tools.
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In the pursuit of improvement, knowledge is key. Today’s knowledge management tools are more robust, and getting smarter all the time. But remember, a lot comes down to the human factor: a body of knowledge is only as good as the support professionals who use it, fix it, flag it, and add to it.
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Asset management is a time-consuming task, and larger organizations have a greater need for dedicated toolsets. What features should IT look for when selecting this type of software?
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The state of security in 2014 can be summed up in four words: We are falling behind. External breaches are occurring more frequently and becoming more complex, and internal threats have extended beyond malicious employees (past and present) and current employee mistakes to include vendors, who...
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What would you say if I told you that you’re overstimulated, that technology is having an impact on your efficiency and productivity, at work and at home? What if I went a step further and said that technology is decreasing your team’s efficiency and effectiveness—would you agree? We all...
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The mere availability of a technology doesn’t mean it will be successful in the future; there are many other factors at play (societal, political, organizational), and most of these technologies will have no impact on customers or technical support. But some will, and, in fact, already are. In...
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Reporting is like food. Some dishes are simple, requiring few ingredients; some are more complex, requiring more (and more unique) ingredients. We all have our own flavor preferences. IT reporting is much the same. Depending on your department and your management’s desires, your business’s...
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We live in a world where database and analytical technologies are maturing at an amazing pace. Capabilities that were once the sole province of extremely large companies and governments are trickling down to our own companies and even ...
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