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Shadow IT is just a new flavor of outsourcing, empowered by the cloud and mobility. For IT to address it, it needs to build powerful relationships, but first, it needs to be seen by the business as a partner in the organization’s success.
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Security and support aren’t covered with anywhere near the regularity of other aspects of the Internet of Things. But when you scratch the surface, they’re every bit as important to enterprises as usability and functionality.
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The adventure begins March 24–27, 2015, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas—but it doesn’t have to end there! For the fourth consecutive year, we’ll follow up the HDI 2015 Conference & Expo by hosting the most immersive and educational virtual event in the technical service and support...

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The mere availability of a technology doesn’t mean it will be successful in the future; there are many other factors at play (societal, political, organizational), and most of these technologies will have no impact on customers or technical support. But some will, and, in fact, already are. In...
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The growing trend toward BYOD will continue to pose challenges for allocating service desk resources more creatively and accommodating users’ needs.
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Support teams face the challenge of implementing best practices with the aim of providing better service, having good governance, and getting IT to work effectively. Is ITIL the answer?
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New mobile trends present serious opportunities for businesses and IT departments—and serious risks for those that turn a blind eye to the evolving mobility landscape.
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Shadow IT is simply information technology that hasn’t got an IT department’s stamp of approval. It’s a major concern for IT departments because of the cloak-and-dagger games being played by business users and traditional IT staff. It will serve the support center—and IT in general—much better...
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