Learn about new technologies that can advance your support center.

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With the evolution of ITSM into ESM—enterprise service management—coupled with the increased adoption of cloud-based service management solutions, technical support leaders are planning ahead, doing their research, and gathering the facts they need to build a business case for their next toolset.

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A comprehensive list of technology information and tools.
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Through various types of technology solutions, support organizations are empowering end users to resolve or submit their own issues and requests online. By offering these types of support options for a more self-sufficient workforce, organizations are embracing customers’ various work styles and...
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What will be the continuing impact of technology on ITAM, and what additional changes should be anticipated in the next five years?
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While the Internet of Things (IoT), is rapidly expanding, it will undoubtedly present new support issues, it will also present an opportunity for internal support and their vendors' external, customer-facing support to cooperate formally to benefit a business's end users. To discover...
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At today's speed of business, replacing a device is often more cost- and time-effective than repairing it. What has shaped this trend, and what effect is it having on technical support?
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IT is no longer in complete control of business technology, and for some organizations, that’s a hard pill to swallow. The first step toward this new future requires taking action and scanning the horizon for new opportunities.
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