HDI Certification Code of Ethics

HDI is the professional association and certification body for the technical service and support industry. All HDI-certified professionals and candidates for certification agree to abide to the following code of ethics.

Candidates for Certification

  • Candidates shall not knowingly utilize preparation material that infringes on copyright law, including the violation of end-user licenses, for online courses and access to certification exam questions.
  • Candidates shall provide accurate and authentic information about themselves only.
  • Candidates shall take the certification exam without any assistance, including other individuals, notes, courseware, or other materials.
  • Candidates shall represent themselves when taking a certification exam, and not any other individuals.
  • Candidates shall not copy, share, or disclose, in any manner, the questions, answers, or any other information from any HDI certification exam, the contents of which are confidential.

HDI-Certified Professionals

  • HDI-certified professionals shall provide accurate and authentic information about themselves only.
  • HDI-certified professionals shall provide accurate and authentic information about their own professional development activities.
  • HDI-certified professionals shall submit to the HDI Continuing Certification program documentation about only those professional development activities they have personally completed.
  • HDI-certified professionals shall not claim certification credentials they have not earned.
  • HDI-certified professionals shall always conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the image of their profession.

It is a violation of this ethics policy for any HDI-certified professional to participate in any form of cheating on certification exams, breach of security, submission of fraudulent information, sharing of HDI's confidential information, or in any other behavior that could be considered to compromise the integrity of a certification exam, the HDI Continued Certification program, or the technical service and support profession, as determined by HDI.

Anyone knowing of another person violating this code will report the violation to HDI for investigation and action. Such complaints must be substantiated by facts; false allegations are considered to be a violation of this code. Disciplinary action, which may include the revocation of certification credentials, is at the sole discretion of HDI.