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Accelerate the digital enterprise using the principles of ITIL. ITIL best practices help increase the speed and success of your products and services and enable faster time to value.

In this Tag(s): webinars, support models, supportworld, self-service, self-service tools, knowledge management
December 2, 2021

A lifelong quest to find the universal values all humans seek out leads an IT manager to understand the importance of taking the hard stances to best support a team or a company. Here’s why he thinks courage might be the most important trait in this industry.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, change management
November 22, 2021

Authentication is necessary, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of the customer experience, and too often customers rebel at being questioned. Automated authentication tools may be the rare instance when tech can help avoid a pitfall in interactions with customers.
Tag(s): supportworld, service quality, service management, best practice, security management
November 19, 2021

Change management is a wonderful process...until it isn’t. Here, an IT service and support pro who is well versed in this process describes a few things that go wrong, and provides tips for how to avoid these common pitfalls.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, change management
November 18, 2021

Change is hard, especially when human nature creates some very predictable and unreasonable workarounds to a perfectly good change management process. In part two of this series, here are five more pitfalls to change management, and how to do your best to avoid them.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, change management
November 18, 2021

Want a chance to share your wisdom and perspective with other IT service and support professionals? We’re putting out a call for those who can contribute six or more articles per year as part of our volunteer HDI featured contributor team. Read on for more details.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture
November 17, 2021

We include a link for how to easily nominate the colleagues you feel are the most influential or the best teachers in the IT service and support industry. Be sure to make your nominations by December 18th, and tell us who should make the list!
Tag(s): supportworld, culture
November 16, 2021

In hybrid fashion, we handed out the hardware to recognize the best in technical support and service management. The event was held at SupportWorld Live in Orlando, and streamed online. Don’t forget - there’s still time to enter the next awards cycle!
Tag(s): supportworld, culture
November 10, 2021

Doug Rabold, one of the speakers at HDI Support World Live this year, reflects on how many in the HDI community have helped him learn the ropes after a mid-career shift to IT Service Management. He now relishes being in the position to give back.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture
November 9, 2021

In a passage from her book, “Trust Me - Restore Belief & Confidence in an Uncertain World”, Lea Brovedani demonstrates how managers think trust in their leadership is higher than it often is, and why that’s important to fix.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, best practice, practices and processes
November 9, 2021