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The Latest from SupportWorld

What is K-Flow, and how can it be used to promote and drive continuous improvement in the support organization?
Tag(s): KCS, best practice, KM, knowledge management, process, practices and processes, supportworld
March 4, 2015

Given the multitude of challenges that IT has faced over the years, there's a growing recognition that IT must grow, change, and clearly demonstrate the value it gives back to the organization.
Tag(s): service management, research, supportworld
February 24, 2015

New mobile trends present serious opportunities for businesses and IT departments—and serious risks for those that turn a blind eye to the evolving mobility landscape.
Tag(s): technology, mobility, infographic, devops, supportworld, internet of things
February 20, 2015

KCS is by far the best methodology for support centers, but in the journey to drive organizations to it, there are numerous challenges.
Tag(s): KCS, best practice, technology, supportworld
February 18, 2015

Support teams face the challenge of implementing best practices with the aim of providing better service, having good governance, and getting IT to work effectively. Is ITIL the answer?
Tag(s): software as a service - SaaS, technology, virtual support tools, process-improvement, supportworld
February 1, 2015

The pace of change is dizzying and the consumerization of IT is forcing profound changes in how organizations deliver IT services.
Tag(s): self-service, best practice, business of support, supportworld
January 16, 2015

With high-speed residential Internet, it has become easier and more cost effective than ever for businesses to implement permanent and part-time remote work arrangements.
Tag(s): employee engagement, employee satisfaction, professional development, supportworld
January 15, 2015

Before choosing a new service management tool, you need to know what your service management needs are and also what the expectations of your business are.
Tag(s): best practice, change management, supportworld
January 1, 2015

There’s a difference between saying “I feel feverish” and saying “My temperature is 101°F.” In the second case, you’ve used a measuring device (thermometer) to find out what your temperature really is. Likewise, we can make a guess that “Our customers like us” because of comments in the hallway,...
Tag(s): customer-satisfaction-measurement, customer experience, customer satisfaction, supportworld
December 1, 2014

DevOps is poised to change IT, and the same ITSM practitioners who’ve been dismissing DevOps are the ones most equipped to support DevOps initiatives and create value for the business. Find out how ITSM practitioners can contribute to this exciting organizational journey.
Tag(s): supportworld, devops, ITSM, IT service management
July 1, 2013

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