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Service and support professionals are a tight-knit group. Sure, we come from different places, have unique talents and skill sets—but we’re united by a passion for our profession and a drive to elevate the customer experience. For 30 years, HDI has provided a place for thousands of service and support pros to ignite that passion and accelerate that drive. These stories tell why they love being involved with HDI. Watch, and you’ll soon discover that finding kinship with your peers through the HDI community is not only a solid career move, it’s also a profound personal experience. We’ve asked the community what HDI means to them. We encourage you to share why you HDI.

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Not only can we be your knowledge source, your empowering force, and your support network, but we can be your training partner, your performance consultant, and match you with the right service provider.

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The Importance of a Service Management Roadmap

Is your support organization able to provide consistent service? Is your service delivery meeting business expectations? If not, perhaps it’s time for an improvement initiative. Whether you are starting out or already utilizing service management best practices, building a service management roadmap is crucial to getting you to the next level.

The User Experience of a Pig

We all struggle with designing service portals and service catalogs. Designing interfaces that are both pleasant to use and easily navigated is a challenging task. Dani Renaud walks you through some steps to help get you started and give you some tools to help you along the way.

The Impact of New vs. Known Issues in KCS

The KCS methodology promotes a continuous improvement process known as the new vs. known analysis. When trended, it shows you if your organization is maturing in its process adoption. At the individual level, you can quickly see which individuals are following the process and which need coaching. When every member of the team is following the process, then the unknown will be minimized, tickets with known issues will be responded to consistently and efficiently, and tickets related to new issues will result in the capture of new knowledge.

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Because we’re your trusted partner in helping you advance your skills, improve your career, and enhance the performance of your support center. We deliver this value through:



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