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Service and support professionals are a tight-knit group. Sure, we come from different places, have unique talents and skill sets—but we’re united by a passion for our profession and a drive to elevate the customer experience. For 30 years, HDI has provided a place for thousands of service and support pros to ignite that passion and accelerate that drive. These stories tell why they love being involved with HDI. Watch, and you’ll soon discover that finding kinship with your peers through the HDI community is not only a solid career move, it’s also a profound personal experience. We’ve asked the community what HDI means to them. We encourage you to share why you HDI.

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Not only can we be your knowledge source, your empowering force, and your support network, but we can be your training partner, your performance consultant, and match you with the right service provider.

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Cybersecurity: The Latest IT Silo?

No one expects the support staff to become cybersecurity experts, unless they are headed in that direction as a career move. That doesn’t mean that they should not be trained in the field, and it doesn’t mean that they should not be in close contact with the organization’s cybersecurity office on a regular basis.

How to Replace an Aging Ticketing System

Implementing a new ticketing system can be a daunting job that involves not just changing a system, but also the people and processes connected to that system. Handle it as a significant organizational change in your support center that must be managed and executed carefully. A step-by-step process approach will minimize the risk of failure and maximize the likelihood of success.

The Influence of Transparency on the Customer Experience

Improving your customer’s experience doesn’t have to mean that you need a new tool or platform. You can improve the customer experience simply by understanding your customer and their needs and empathizing with them.

Why HDI?

Because we’re your trusted partner in helping you advance your skills, improve your career, and enhance the performance of your support center. We deliver this value through:



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