Power of Quality

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Quality is a word that you hear so often but it frequently lacks real substance because of the varying definitions that most people seem to have. Quality is subjective, relying upon many factors from one’s life experiences to their very interpretation of the word. Quality has many definitions and degrees of excellence, spanning a wide range of examples. What does it mean then to drive and deliver quality in Service Management?

To truly deliver quality service, organizations need quality people with the right skills; quality processes based on best practices that align with business needs; quality technology to enable those processes; quality assurance program to inspect the processes and results; and quality metrics to measure success.

This one-day workshop, presented by the renowned Malcolm Fry, is a fun, informative, and productive learning experience about the Power of Quality. The workshop contains a series of breakout opportunities that allow for networking and collaborative learning. Course participants will receive a questionnaire used to track required items for a new service that is to be implemented and supported by the Service Desk.

What You Will Learn

  • Balance quality, performance, and cost
  • Create sensible Service Acceptance processes; service pipeline, service catalog and service retired
  • Build a quality improvement initiative
  • Delegate incidents rather than escalate incidents
  • Build a quality focused training plan
  • Work with other key ITSM units to improve quality; Service Desk, Problem, Incident, Change, Request and Asset Management

Who Should Attend?

  • Pre-requisites or prior knowledge of ITIL are not essential for this course
  • Course is appropriate for all levels of support center professionals and ITSM staff, from analyst to manager/director
  • Anyone interested in improving their ITSM image through statistics
  • Anyone looking to improve ITSM in their organization
  • ITSM implementers and trainers

Course Outline

Unit 1: Defining Quality

  • Setting targets on quality
  • The link between cost and quality
  • Barriers to quality
  • The link between performance and quality

Unit 2: The Service Pipeline

  • New or updated services
  • Using a questionnaire for developers and implementers
  • Getting involved in projects for upcoming services and technologies
  • Adopting new services with minimum risk and disruption

Unit 3: The Service Catalog

  • Service Level Agreements and Operational Level Agreements
  • Working with other key ITSM units to improve quality

Unit 4: Retired Services

  • Decommissioning redundant services

Unit 5: Service Desk and Service Management Quality Improvement

  • Continual Service Improvement
  • Building a quality improvement initiative
  • Building a quality focused training plan
  • Ten behavioral drivers in the Service Desk that are both good and bad
  • Working with the unhappy customer
  • Managing feedback
  • Delegating incidents rather than escalate incidents
  • The service linear path

Unit 6: Projecting the Right Image

  • Creating and projecting the right image
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Using company logos, colors, and layout
  • Understanding and adopting business drivers
  • Coordinating tools and scripts
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Public Classroom

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Facilitated by a faculty member, this one-day, public course allows students to actively participate in exercises and discussions as well as network with peers from other companies.

  • Maintain adequate coverage in your support center by staggering training dates.
  • Focus on learning by being out of the office.
  • Structured discussions facilitate networking and learning from real-world experiences.
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