HDI understands the challenges of developing and maintaining an effective, efficient support center. Don't go it alone. Let us help you ensure your support center is an invaluable asset within your organization.

HDI Support Center Standard

HDI Support Center Standard - This open international standard defines a number of support center activities on a four-point maturity scale. The standard serves as the basis for the HDI assessment services and the HDI Support Center Certification.


HDI Support Center Assessment Services

HDI's various levels of assessment services help you understand the current state of your support center. Understanding where you are is the first step to identifying what you need to do to get where you want to be. 

HDI Support Center Best Practices Assessment - Get a true picture of your support center's maturity in the activities that are widely accepted as the best and good practices of the support industry. This assessment provides a current state baseline, gap analysis, and recommendations for improvement. 

HDI Support Center Assisted Assessment - Accurately assess your support center's maturity level with the help of an unbiased expert. The result is a current state baseline that allows you to develop a gap analysis highlighting areas where improvements can be made.

HDI Support Center Self-Assessment - Assess your support center’s current state based on the HDI Support Center Standard. Use the results to develop a gap analysis and improvement plan. 


HDI Support Center Certification

HDI Support Center Certification - Gain the ultimate recognition and promote the value of your support center. Achieving certification is a milestone that acknowledges your team's efforts. Maintaining certification provides a common goal to drive continual improvement.


HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service

HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service - Use this secure, online service to survey your customers about their support experience. Compare your results to peers in your industry as well as all other subscribers.