Is your service and support center due for a check-up?

HDI can help! It’ll be thorough, but nothing too invasive, we promise.

The HealthCheck was designed to provide your organization with a quick analysis of the operational effectiveness of your service and support operations. Key foundational areas are reviewed compared to best practices, and recommendations made based on your organizational goals.

HDI consultants perform the analysis at your organization’s site, evaluating your customer support center’s service strategy, goal alignment, service and support practices, support services culture, frameworks/methodologies, and service and support in five key categories:

1. Structure and Strategy

2. Frameworks, Methodologies, and Performance

3. Practices, Processes, and Procedures

4. Staffing and Training

5. Systems and Technology


The HealthCheck process starts with organizations submitting documentation and samples of practices, processes, procedures in place in their current environment. HDI Consultants will review the documentation before arriving onsite where they will conduct observation, interviews, and additional analysis. The last part of the process is creating the HealthCheck summary report.


When your HealthCheck is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive summary report of observations along with recommendations for improvement. 


$13,500 (doesn’t include travel and expenses)

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