Support Center Best Practices Assessment

The HDI Support Center Best Practices Assessment service is an independent, third-party review of your support center. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your support center’s maturity level based on the HDI Support Center Standard and get expert insights and recommendations for improving operational efficiency, service quality, and overall value.


  • Establish a current-state baseline to measure the impact of future changes.
  • Gain proof of maturity to use in marketing your support center.
  • Receive guidance to help you prioritize improvement initiatives.


You will receive an assessment report in PDF format, which will include:

  • Current-state findings;
  • Your support center’s maturity rating based on the HDI Support Center Standard; and
  • Expert recommendations for improvements.


Price: $18,000

Pricing is for a single support center at a single location supporting a single customer base. Custom pricing may be required when the support center is located at multiple sites or services multiple customers. Auditor travel expenses are billed separately.