As the remote workforce expands exponentially, many workers are doing critical day-to-day work on their mobile phones. This creates a new weak point that can be exploited for cyberattack. Here are some of the biggest threats your business may face.
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April 21, 2021

One of the easiest tools to assist in continuous process improvement is the process control chart. It can help track when things go outside the norm, and help you diagnose problems in your service management. Here is a quick overview.
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April 20, 2021

Every change initiative may die a silent death unless it is clearly documented and the process solves the problems your workforce faces. Here is a look at the value of clearly documenting processes, and then checking to make sure that what is written is what is being done.
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April 14, 2021

Too often, organizations simply look at the bottom line as the end goal, but those utilizing ITIL 4 might want to dive deeper to come to agreement on the differing definitions of value. Here is a snapshot of that discussion.
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April 14, 2021

It’s one thing to launch a continuous process improvement program, but it’s another to sustain it. Here, an analyst looks at some on-the-ground processes to keep momentum up for improvement. He suggests that it’s important for everyone on your team to question the process and troubleshoot for...
Tag(s): supportworld, continual service improvement, best practice, business alignment, IT service management
April 7, 2021

The best way to retain customer loyalty is to avoid complications in the customer experience. Here is a suggestion for a hands-on approach for troubleshooting potential issues that customers may have experienced, with examples of how this approach has been implemented.
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April 6, 2021

Too often sales and service were siloed from each other, but that should change, says one analyst. Ivan Moore argues that we need to adapt to be more agile, and train service teams to help cross-sell after fulfilling a customer service request.
Tag(s): supportworld, costs, ITSM, IT service management, business intelligence, business of support, cost models, customer service
April 5, 2021

Cybercriminals are targeting small- and mid-sized businesses more often than in the past. Don’t get caught flat-footed - scope out your vulnerabilities and decide on a plan of action before trouble hits to protect your bottom line and your business’ reputation.
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March 31, 2021

AITSM is a confusing name for a confusing subject, but it’s a way of thinking of which service desks can be automated and which require a human touch. A systemic approach to implementing AI can help improve the customer experience, and make your team more efficient.
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March 29, 2021

Change is hard, but it is harder when there isn’t a clear understanding of what change you are wanting and what risk you are willing to accept. Here is an approach toward streamlining the risk assessment of proposed changes to bring about better results.
Tag(s): supportworld, collaboration, business intelligence, change management, configuration management
March 23, 2021