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"Your Call Is Important to Us": Customer Service vs. Customer Experience 

The customer experience is spread across the organization, beyond IT, making it much harder to envision and manage effectively. As a result, many companies have fallen into the trap of providing inadequate and sometimes downright poor support to their customers. Read more...


Rolling out KCS practices is the easy part; keeping a culture of knowledge sharing where employees want to participate is where things get tricky.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, KCS, KM, knowledge management, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, culture
March 13, 2018

You can influence the outcomes of your metrics and increase both your customer and employee satisfaction.
Tag(s): supportworld, workforce enablement, customer service, customer experience, customer satisfaction, metrics and measurements
March 6, 2018

A good SLA provides mutual benefit to both the IT organization and the business it serves.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, SLA, service level agreement, ITSM, business value
March 1, 2018

While chatbots may be able to make customer support quicker, cheaper, and easier, your organization may not be bot-ready. Ask yourself eight questions to find out.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, automation, customer experience
February 21, 2018

Develop a strategic framework to show senior leaders how your initiative helps the organization achieve its mission, vision, and goals.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, framework, framework and methodologies, business value, business alignment
January 30, 2018

These thought leaders are practitioners and consultants in technical support and service management who share insights with the community.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, technology, metrics and measurements, customer experience, customer service, desktop support, service management
January 19, 2018

Mike Hanson shares tactics and leadership lessons gained from evolving the desktop support model to a more scalable approach.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, desktop support, culture
January 16, 2018

Today’s service management tools make it easy to publish dashboards showing the current state of IT service and support. But the tendency is to overdo things a bit…
Tag(s): supportworld, metrics and measurements, dashboards, business value, business alignment
December 19, 2017

Who has made an impact on the technical support industry? Help us put together the list of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, workforce enablement, technology, service management, desktop support, customer experience, metrics and measurements
December 7, 2017

Julie Mohr was named one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management. Learn what motivates Julie to be involved in the community.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, service management, knowledge management, customer experience
November 30, 2017