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The Technical Support Center of the Future 

Today’s consumers have at their fingertips more tools for communication, collaboration, and creativity than were hardly even imagined just a decade or two ago. But as technology evolves and becomes even more integral to business operations, technical support centers likely will need more diversified skill sets, including staff with nontechnical skills, to meet the needs of their organizations in the future. Learn more...


It’s summertime in the northern hemisphere, and many people are taking vacation. That includes people who work in support centers, where staffing levels can be critical.
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June 28, 2017

Consider all the costs, including personnel and dollars, before you decide whether to purchase a tool for your support center.
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June 22, 2017

Learn how one support center made the journey to shift left.
Tag(s): self-service, supportworld, service management, support center, ITSM, workforce enablement
June 21, 2017

Customer satisfaction is the percentage of customers who are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of support they receive. It is the most common measure of quality.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer satisfaction, customer-satisfaction-measurement, metrics and measurements, desktop support, support center
June 7, 2017

The mood at HDI 2017 Conference & Expo was upbeat. Participants seemed optimistic about the future of tech support.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, service management, metrics and measurements, workforce enablement, technology, customer experience, desktop support
May 23, 2017

In order to improve, technical support organizations need to decide what to invest in, and when.
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May 23, 2017

It should not take a crisis to generate a meeting between support center and desktop support managers to keep the relationship between the two groups on track.

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May 17, 2017

To provide great customer service, consider hiring talent with empathy, empowering your team to make decisions, and creating relationships among team members.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, customer experience, customer service
May 10, 2017

The mission of technical support has been to get people back to work quickly after an incident or for a service request. But that can no longer be our primary mission.
Tag(s): supportworld, technical support, research, business of support
April 26, 2017

We are on the threshold of an era when we can take advantage of advanced technologies to assist us and, more importantly, those we support.
Tag(s): supportworld, technology, self-service tools, self-service, technical support, trends
April 19, 2017