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I don't ever see us getting away from phone support.  Honestly, most people like that comfort of talking to someone when they have issues, especially when they are more severe. I think there's a calming affect knowing that someone actually acknowledged your issue and is looking into it. Additionally, emails and self service tickets can be so vague, that it's recommended that one calls the user back instead of sending a plethora of emails or IMs back and forth. A simple call would make things easier [More]

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On the left side of our display is a map with all of our locations, in What's Up Gold.  It's used to display the status of these locations: green is up and running, anything else means something is wrong.   On the right side of the display, are two different options.  The bottom is our change calendar for two weeks. Can be used at a glance to see what is going on. Then above that are call stats: Total requests for the week Open request by mode SLA violated requests Unassigned open requests [More]

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We currently use ManageEngine's ADSelfService Plus. With this, users are able to either reset their own passwords or unlock their own accounts by answering two of three questions.  Users are encouraged to register and new members are "forced" through the process on their first day. Since implementing last year, calls have cut down - especially after hours and weekends.  Additionally, when users call us, we usually send them to the site to unlock their own account, or will send the procedures directly [More]

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