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Do you know of any best practices/guidelines that track computer support for school districts K-12? I have been asked to gather that information as well but I am not sure which organization would be a good resource for that. ------------------------------ Sheila Willey Director Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Riverton UT ------------------------------

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This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Our team is only now starting to seriously introduce proper "Problem" management.  If anyone can steer me towards any great articles for standard operating procedures for Problem please do so.  I'd really appreciate it.  Any resources would be helpful!  Thanks in advance.

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Hello! The space our call center is located in is a bit cramped for the 30 some people we have in there. A common complaint revolves around the noise in the room. Most of my team use wireless Plantronics headsets which are 4+ years old. I've recently (today!) started looking into replacement headsets, and thought I would see if anyone in this group has suggestions.  My needs: Headset must be wireless Headset must include noise cancellation in microphone *Headset needs to provide noise cancellation [More]

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