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​Hi Tafara, The process is handled through SyncCenter.  It is the modern version of the old Offline Files feature.  A local and server copy of the file is saved.  If the user receives a new PC, SyncCenter queries the server and downloads a copy of the file.  The files are also available offline as there is both a local and server copy.  It really works well for us. This feature has enabled us to pretty much pull a machine off the shelf, and if the users is not running a locally installed app that is [More]

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Do you support students at your help desk? Or just faculty and staff? ------------------------------ Terri Oropeza - Goldway Services 650-222-3056 Scotts Valley, CAPrincipal Consultant ------------------------------

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Our company moved to O365 last year and it was successful in part because people could work offline with local apps and remotely anywhere with a browser. Although the basic tools are the same the locally installed version has more functionality than the online version of the basic products that everyone uses (outlook, word, excel and powerpoint). Depending on the license you have there are also many products that are only available online without a desktop component. One challenge we have is keeping [More]

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