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Hello all! My name is Jeremy York and I am an Support Services Team Lead/Applications Developer for our service management tool. I work for a construction/general contractor company called Turner Construction here in Dallas, TX. We are based out of New York but have offices all over the country/globe.  I am a team lead on a small service desk consisting of about 5 technicians supporting about 6000-7000 internal customers and external partners. Previously I worked as a contractor at Texas Instruments [More]

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Welcome to HDI Ron. Having recently visited WDW I instantly knew where you were when you mentioned Reedy Creek Improvement District. Look forward to chatting with you and hope to see you at the annual conference in April since it is on your turf :-) ------------------------------ Thomas Wilk IT Manager Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA ------------------------------

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​Was curious if anyone has come across any telephony system which include chat capability, has workforce management tool integrated in, and has potential for CTI integration?   I manage a Service Desk with over 200 agents, have chat and voice.   A challenge to run teams separately from a workforce efficiency perspective. ------------------------------ Marian Lawson Sr. Technology Mgr Senior Vice President Bank of America jacksonville FL ------------------------------

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