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Thanks Josh ------------------------------ John Jester Operations Manager BJC HealthCare SAINT LOUIS MO ------------------------------

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Kim, There was a discussion on Call Display Boards that may help you as well.  I think it was discussed what types of things we display and some examples: https://connect.thinkhdi.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MessageKey=c2156a0a-6050-4f25-8858-130f5a8de374&CommunityKey=f52fb999-57fa-4b4c-9f67-5dc199fdb277&tab=digestviewer#bmc2156a0a-6050-4f25-8858-130f5a8de374#bm1 ------------------------------ Josh Smits Foth & Van Dyke, LLC De Pere WI ------------------------------

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I have my categories set as follows: Category: Software Sub-Categories: Excel, Outlook, Word, PPT, OneNote, Office 365 So I do keep track by each individual application within, yet still have one "generic" called Office 365.  The last is used for an issue that affects all of Office.  This could be a log on issue, maybe some sort of update, outage issue, or message affecting everything.  Honestly, it's not used all that often, but I like to account for it when needed. ------------------------------ [More]

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Metric of the Month: Ratio of Agents to Total Headcount

For this Metric of the Month, Jeff Rumburg looks at a staffing metric, ratio of agents to total headcount. This ratio is another way to measure service desk efficiency and applies to service desks and desktop support. It is also an indirect way to measure managerial efficiency.

Customer Service: Who Cares?

Regardless of whether the customers are internal or external, top organizations clearly recognize and understand that the customer experience is vital to the overall health of the organization. But bad attitudes and poor responsiveness can quickly erode your organization’s credibility with customers. Gregg Gregory shares four strategies for overcoming these challenges and elevating the customer experience.

What Does Customer Experience Mean to IT…Really?

Overall when we look at providing service, we really should be looking beyond the confines of the IT box. Being able to look at and understand how your business delivers service and achieves it business objectives will ensure that you as a provider are a far better partner that those who simply just meet SLAs. Speaking the language of the business will take your support teams out of their silos and put you and your organization above and beyond your competition.