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Josh, not sure what software you are using, but does it have a reporting tool?  If it does, total remedition effort (total hours worked captured in the tickets) / days in the reporting period, will give you the average number of hours per day need to meet Customers expectations. Divide this number by 6 (80% utilization of a man-day), will indicate the number of people you need available day in and day out. How to schedule the available people may take some creativity. This is a baseline.  What are [More]

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Christie, I would reach out to John Crusty or Rick Joslin.  Both have the most experience I am aware of. ------------------------------ Steve Buyze Capacity Planning Analyst Systems Engineering Portland ME ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------- Original Message: Sent: 07-13-2018 11:31 From: Christie Shell Subject: KCS Hi HDI Friends! I could really use your help! My client (the Director of IT for a large County Government) is looking to i mplement KCS and would [More]

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I believe Jeff Rumburg in his article Mean Time to Resolve (see link below), he said and I agree, MTTR is the most important metric to the Customer.  My supervisor once said "the only thing our Customers care about is how soon we are going to fix their sh**. For staying on budget and reducing the need to hire, being proactive and focusing on reducing the Reactive Hours per End User per Month is very important.  Resource utilization goes along with this and our focus is to stay above 80% per Resource. [More]

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Factors that affect abandonment rate include outgoing messages about service outages, staffing levels, availability of self-service/self-help, self-help adoption, alternative channels (chat, web forms), and number of service outages. While your targets for abandon rate are completely up to your organization, lower is better overall, of course. Learn how HDI members are handling SLAs for service desk call abandonment rate.