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Hi everyone, I would interested if anyone has a policy to share on what happens when there is a company owned device damaged by a user - i.e. dropped laptop, spill on keyboard, etc.  Is the damage repair paid for by the user or the company?   Regards, ------------------------------ Sarah Adams Service Desk Manager W.C. Bradley Co. Columbus GA ------------------------------

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Eric, that was our challenge as well. We wanted to cut down the transient noise, but still let the service desk technicians communicate with each other. We put 18" clear glass panels onto the 48" cubicle walls, and installed a white-noise system into the ceiling tiles. The Jabra wireless headsets we use are available with dual ear-pads, although we only use the single ones. We haven't tried them in a soft-phone scenario. ------------------------------ Jeff Yallope IT Manager - Customer Support & [More]

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​I am interested in hearing what metrics/goals others in the industry use to measure agent performance?  I'm hoping to either validate or dispute that I'm looking at the "right" metrics.  I currently look at: - Calls Per Hour (CPH) - Resolved on First Contact (ROFC) - Login Percentage - Work Percentage - Schedule Adherence - Voice of the Customer Survey responses. Thanks, in advance, for your help! ------------------------------ Lisa Schultz Senior Manager IT Customer Support Services Penske Truck [More]

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