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​For the Incident Response Time you might consider splitting out the email response time and the call answer speed so you have data for each support channel.   My only other suggestion would be to think through the data you would need to evaluate the performance of those providing the service, in particular quality of the support they are providing.  Good luck!! ------------------------------ Maria Parrish Manager Greenberg Traurig Phoenix AZ ------------------------------

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All,  We recently inked a contract to offer Adobe Creative Cloud to all students.  This came with some seed grant money, and was curious if anyone else entered into a similar agreement with Adobe around Creative Cloud, and if so, what initiatives did you launch around this seed money? Thanks ------------------------------ Joshua Turner Director User Services Montana State University Bozeman MT ------------------------------

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I just posted this on another question.  The Salary and Practices Survey that HDI produces each year has a wealth of information that will be helpful to you, including customer survey statistics.  I agree that you will need to set goals based on your business, but you need to start somewhere.  Our group's goal is 4.95. ------------------------------ Ellen Donati [Information Systems Manager] Legislative Data Center Sacramento [More]

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