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​We have been on Cherwell for 4 years. We moved from HEAT to Cherwell. Our implementation plan was really basic on just rolling out Incident mgmt. Once we rolled that out we saw the need for much more. It's been a very good tool, very stable and can do a lot of things outside of IT. The dash boarding is fantastic!. The price point seems to be ok compared to other tools and the administration isn't overly complicated. With that being said, it is a bit more difficult than we were told prior to purchasing [More]

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Hi -  We get many many How Do I types of questions.  Have any of you started putting together social communities to let your customers engage in conversation with your support staff for non-urgent questions and needs? How is it going? What are the challenges? What has worked well? ------------------------------ Rachel Camero IT Customer Experience Programs Manager Intel Folsom CA ------------------------------

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Curious as to if any organizations use any 3rd party vendors for Microsoft related support (servers, exchange, AD). Microsofts current Premier support model will no longer be available come 2019. A new much more costly model will be implemented so we are exploring other support options for our MS environment other than corporate MS. Thanks ------------------------------ Michael Turpin Director, Service Management Northwell Health ------------------------------

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