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I recommend you first identify the customers your organization considers to be critical or essential to the achievement of your organizations long-term business strategy or plan.  This approach should help you determine how  much energy one puts into supporting any given customer. Let me know if you would like additional information on this methodology. ------------------------------ LeCarla Christian IT Service Center Manager University of Colorado Boulder Boulder CO --------------------------- [More]

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My desktop team preform those functions also. I think it is pretty much the norm for desktop support. ------------------------------ Steve McCarty Field Support Manager Fulton Financial Corporation Mantua NJ ------------------------------

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In 2013 there was a HDI Research Corner article "Staffing Desktop Support" that gave the number of Devices per Tech.  I recognize this is not a stand alone metric for staffing.  However I am still interested if anyone has this information compiled more recently. It was broken down by size of company.  If you can share your number of devices and number of techs I can build preliminary numbers. Thanks in advance for any input. ------------------------------ Dian Survance IT Coordinator Advocate Health [More]

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Metric of the Month: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the percentage of customers who are either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of support they receive. It is the most common measure of quality and is widely used, not just in IT service and support, but in all industries. It is equally applicable to the service desk and desktop support and is the single most important measure of quality for a support organization.

A Support Center Transformation to Shift Left

This support center wanted to implement best-of-class tools, industry processes, and best practices. At the same time, they set out to push more information to their end users and change the culture of how they provide support. Little did they know their journey had a name: shift left.

The Mission of Tech Support Has Changed: We Have to Do Better

According to HDI research, support ticket volume including both incidents and service requests has gone up year after year. Incidents are breakages, and the support center has gotten very good at responding to breakages. But why are things breaking so much?