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I wanted to thank you all for your feedback.  It looks like everyone is inline with sharing with all the agents.  That is my thinking as well thanks, Jeff ------------------------------ Jeff Imber Manager, Service Desk Darden Orlando FL ------------------------------

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Jeff,  I share all statistical data among my team.  We post it to SharePoint and the agents can easily go in and review things before their normal 1:1 meetings.  They also have the ability to see all survey data and other metrics directly from ServiceNow.     The feedback I receive from my team is they appreciate it and they can self manage vs feeling like someone needs to micro manage their behavior.   ------------------------------ John Jester Operations Manager BJC HealthCare SAINT LOUIS MO [More]

From : Communities>>Ask Your Network
Don't discount the techs that other techs feel trust in going to to help with issues they don't understand or know how to do. ------------------------------ Glenn Reed Service Desk Manager Oxbow Carbon LLC West Palm Beach FL ------------------------------

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