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We allow the use of wireless mice and keyboards, we might be re-thinking this practice based on a demonstration from our IT Security group on how can an attacker can take FULL control of a PC by hacking his way through the USB receiver.... ------------------------------ Raul Valles Supervisor, IT Client Support Tucson Electric Power | UNS Energy Corporation Tucson AZ ------------------------------

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On our team we assign two people to work the ticket queue each day.  (Our team is three times your size.) We assign specific people to specific days.  (So Monday will be Nick and Luke; Tuesday will be Ron and Dave; etc.)  This way each person on the team has a day when they do not log into the phones. Our ticketing system is setup to convert emails sent to a specific mailbox into tickets.  Those tickets appear as New tickets in the service desk ticket queue.  The designated people for the day are [More]

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​Thank you very much. Jamf looks like the product we are looking for! ------------------------------ Adam Gibson Service Desk Team Lead DTN Bennington NE ------------------------------

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