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​The answer to any "what's best" question is always "it depends" -- on your requirements, organizational objectives, size, architecture, budget, etc. FULL DISCLOSURE : I'm a 3 year Cherwell customer with CSM's Service Catalog; Incident & Service Request; Problem; Change; and Knowledge.  We're currently developing the CMDB for client system use and are exploring the KCS mApp. I'm also a current member of the Cherwell Customer Advisory Board. That said, I'm open to objectively discussing this topic [More]

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We're undergoing a radical shift in mindset -- from IT as an ITIL process-centric organization that "interfaces" with our "internal customers" to a collaborative value-driven technology enabler focused ultimately on the public customer. The "big hairy" part involves tearing down the silos within IT and that exist between IT and other business areas. It also entails gaining a better understanding of our business overall and of our internal business partners, then focusing on providing solutions rather [More]

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We are working on a possible new position to add to our IT support team to help with managing the PC and mobile endpoints.  I was wondering how many other organizations out there have a individual in charge of just patching and updating software for all desktop side devices?  What did you give the position for a title?  We have about 1800 endpoints currently and multiple staff members are doing best effort to keep things updated.  Wondering how large an organization we need to be to have this type [More]

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Why do end users or customers ignore issues and continue to suffer, rather than contact support and get the issues addressed? The whole question of IT being difficult to deal with goes straight to the heart of customer experience. Understanding what the customer goes through and how they feel about it at every stage is an important part of improvement.

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Many service managers are very familiar with the “service triangle,” with the three elements of people, process, and tools arranged around a central theme such as service delivery. Good practices dictate the use of an integrated set of service management activities that optimize the use of people, process, and tools.