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When a department, club, or other organization needs an account for email, file storage, etc, we use an out-of-date process to do this. We are working on updating this process soon. I am wondering what you all call this process. It is currently called "Exception Account" request, which is not an accurate description of what we are doing, as these accounts are not an exception. We are hoping to come up with a more accurate name to use in our branding and I am looking for your insight! Thank you ------------------------------ [More]

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We allow our users access to all four of those apps, but we really only have widespread use of Delve and Sway.  There is not much support beyond directing to Microsoft or Learning training, or a Google search to answer specific questions. Of the four, Delve is the most used. with plans to tie in our intranet staff directory to Delve over the next few months. ------------------------------ Heather Johnston IT Services Coordinator City of Gresham Gresham OR --------------------- [More]

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Here's how I ended up using the calculator. I'm a smaller company (600 users internally, and quite a few client/contractors/vendors with access).  I have no capability to pull information from our phone system.  Nor do I have an easy way to calculate time per call/ticket. I created a couple of tabs using the main GSC as my template.  In the first tab I entered in the hours for the prior year worked by those covering the Service Desk.  So this became my Labor Hours only for last year. In the Labor [More]

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FAQ: What Percentage of Abandoned Calls Do You Allow Your Agents?

Factors that affect abandonment rate include outgoing messages about service outages, staffing levels, availability of self-service/self-help, self-help adoption, alternative channels (chat, web forms), and number of service outages. While your targets for abandon rate are completely up to your organization, lower is better overall, of course. Learn how HDI members are handling SLAs for service desk call abandonment rate.