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Ryan, we use Autotask for this very reason.  Autotask is an ISM/PSA SaaS application with a tool included (Dispatcher Workshop) that looks at team weekly calendars.  Out of the Service requests (tickets) we can schedule service calls on the agents schedules.  Work flow rules then keep the Customer informed of the visits, both on-site and remote. We maybe out growing the tool, but without a dispatcher workshop replacement, we will be staying with Autotask. Steve Please let me know if this has been [More]

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Siu-Ching Fong, we do hear this from time to time.  Our response might not be applicable in your situation, but here it is. We explain to the Customer that when the call us it is like going to the emergency room.  If the are not in dire pain, the can make an appointment with thier primary care physician, but for Incident respose, the doctor/agent on duty will be the one responding to address their pain. Please let me know if this is helpful   Steve ------------------------------ Steve Buyze Resource [More]

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I am not familiar with IEX. WFM. Is this it? IEX TotalView Workforce Management (WFM) ------------------------------ Terri Oropeza - Goldway Services 650-222-3056 Scotts Valley, CAPrincipal Consultant ------------------------------

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