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At Synopsys, all our account provisioning was associated with our HR system. So if we had been defining roles (we tried but never got through the exercise) it would have been to look at the HR roles and Structure and tie them together. For instance, Finance Users would have been tied to Finance Org and the provisioning of accounts would have been to those cost centers. If Finance Europe was different than Finance US access, that could have been easily tied to an y HR changes as well. ------------------------------ [More]

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Here's an example of what I'm looking to accomplish: Role              Capabilities                                                                                         Example Traveler        Stand alone (i.e. non-network access) ability to edit documents        Executive Sales Office User    Office access to compute only. No after hours or remote work.         Finance users, Marketing team What Thomas gave goes along these lines somewhat. If any of you out there have done anything similar and [More]

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Good afternoon Terri and Thomas. Thank you for your responses. Terri, I'm not clear on what you meant by going the route of looking at the different roles that are defined in the HR system. Would you mind elaborating? I can't wrap my brain around this one right now for some reason so a nudge in the right direction would be helpful. Thomas, the last sentence in your post is similar to what I was thinking of or what I'm looking to do. Trying to create some "buckets" that we can divide the users into [More]

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