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Reply courtesy of Darci Southworth, an Information Security Analyst that works with me and is a lot smarter than I am. :-) ·          We utilize things such as a web based shopping site. Where we make common software that's not a risk to be installed on any PC the ability to be requested by the user and "pushed" to their machines and installed without admin rights. ·          We allow or block policies\software\etc based on what department you're in (a lot of time based on Active directory OU's [More]

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​We also went away from allowing permanent admin rights.  We have an in-house built tool that allows people to self-assign temporary admin rights to their system.  They only last 90-minutes and then they go away. ------------------------------ Donald Chew Help Desk Supervisor Mayo Clinic Rochester MN ------------------------------

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​We are in the process or removing admin rights from some of our employees. For those that do not allow admin rights, how do you deal with 3rd party updates, printer installs, software installs, etc? My team is the only ones that can remote in and type in an admin password to allow these items. It has increased our work load, so I was curious what other companies do to limit the amount of service desk calls when admin rights are not allowed. Adam ------------------------------ Adam Gibson Service [More]

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