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Wondering what people are using for a back-up in case ServiceNow goes down? ------------------------------ Donald Chew Help Desk Supervisor Mayo Clinic Rochester MN ------------------------------

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Thank you Dan for the mention!!!! Hello Hector, We have many sites that will take our software and just run with it on their own, but we also provide full service technical support for our self-service reset tool, ReACT.  This includes installation, customization, and roll-out assistance, which removes a lot of the guess work involved.  These projects tend to evolve during the installation and roll-out because all of the moving pieces become more apparent.   Typical Schedule: 2 Hours for Install, [More]

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Industry Speaker? Add your profile to the new HDI Speaker Directory! Before you drop the mic, you've got to be holding it in the first place. And the new HDI Speaker Directory right here on HDIConnect is your chance to take a mic and grab the spotlight at a wide variety of HDI events throughout the year. HDI Local Chapter Officers will be reviewing the HDI Speaker Directory regularly to find and recruit speakers for their HDI Local Chapter meetings and special events. HDI Local Chapters are in [More]

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Are you struggling with KCS reporting at an agent level? A new UFFA scoring method could be for you! By measuring how often agents are creating, modifying, flagging, and linking articles, you can combine those data points into a formula that produces one score for each agent. This article will help you gain a new appreciation for KCS expectations for every level of your support staff and have a foolproof action plan for optimizing knowledge-sharing throughout your organization.

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In the incredibly complex web of technologies that make up an organization’s information infrastructure, things can and will go wrong, and tech support will need to fix them. But that can no longer be our primary mission.