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This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous We use ServiceNow - tickets created from a specific kiosk go to our drop in queue which displays on a screen.  We currently don't allow scheduling of appointments in that group, but if something is going to take longer than  the client has we check the computer into our Service Center which is a different group in ServiceNow, but in the same area.  We can then work on the computer when the drop in area is slow.  Our average turn around [More]

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​The agents are all tier 1.  thanks ------------------------------ Donna Dotson Application Support Manager Freddie Mac Mc Lean VA ------------------------------

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​So, we have not internal versus external, but multiple lines of business, who receive different menus.   You will need an IVR with some intelligence built into it.    You can do this, by designing your ivr solution with filters that identifies each of the type of clients.   Once the ivr establishes, whether it's an internal versus external, you can then route through your ACD skillsets. With so many concerns about security, and I would think in your case, hippa laws, you would have to figure out.....what [More]

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Too often, quality programs stop at the scorecards. Some organizations become so numbers oriented that the support professionals become focused on “hitting the numbers” instead of restoring service and creating a great customer experience.

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You know that a well-functioning support center is more than just responding to contacts and closing tickets. But, to some within your company, that’s all the support center may represent. To show the value, you must provide business-relevant measures and reporting.

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The ticket categorization scheme is an opportunity for improvement for most support centers. Unfortunately, many support centers rely on the automated ticket system tool and assume that the tool will automatically classify the issues correctly. But, sadly, this is not the case. Although most ticketing systems do have a built-in scheme for classifying incidents and requests, the table must be set up and tailored to your particular support environment.