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We recently began rolling out a new chat channel for our users. Now that the initial roll-out phases are winding down, we're trying to figure out how our metrics should change moving forward. We currently measure to targets for most of the standard service desk metrics (first call/level resolution, customer satisfaction, handle time, resolved by target, etc). Our question is, do other multi-channel service desks out there combine reporting for all channels (e.g., one metric regardless of intake [More]

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Thanks Heather for your response. Right now we only have our Knowledge Base for our IS department. Eventually we would like to do a Self-Service Portal but we are not at that point. Currently we are just trying to get other areas of IS to enter articles or review the articles we imported from our previous Knowledge Base. Currently we are using Knowledge about 5% of the time at the Support Center and would like to show management a baseline as to where we should be at. From my understanding, the [More]

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In several cases I have used a role play type of question. There are two specifically that I remember: "A person has just come up from the subway in Manhattan and he is vision impaired. He asks you how to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How would you handle that?" "A person is new to the area and would like to have dinner out. He/she calls you for a recommendation." In each of these I was "a person" and we did a bit of role play. It helps me in determining several things including [More]

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How to Handle Incident Management Like a Boss

Incident management can be like a jigsaw puzzle. The right pieces need to fit into place to see the complete picture. You must look at incidents critically and face the (potentially) significant problems. Time is money, and by not having a plan for resolution, you could be burning countless dollars trying to find a solution.

How to Write Email Templates

Email templates help new service desk agents get up to speed quickly, enable managers to store information in a central location, and improve agent productivity. The templates must be written in a style that enables you to deliver sincere, personal service, and, to give customers a consistent experience, the voice and tone of your company’s service desk emails should be consistent with all the other ways your company speaks to customers.

Gain Senior Stakeholder Confidence in the Service Organization

As you continue delivering against your success story and maturing your service offering, having senior management’s respect, confidence, and support in you, your service organization, and your service strategy should be priority one! It will grease the road to success for you, your team, and your customers and allow you to spend your most valuable time getting it done rather than always being in a position of asking permission.