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We send a survey after an incident is closed. There are 5 questions on it with answer choices of satisfied, very satisfied, neutral, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied. I am wondering the best way to take survey results and turn them into a meaningful percentage to show customer satisfaction. Curious how others are doing that. ------------------------------ Liz Richey Supervisor Service Desk & Desktop Support Atmos Energy Corporation Dallas TX ------------------------------

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Hi Joey-- We are using Verint Impact 360. It was the choice from our Telecommunications Division as we have various internal call centers within our organization. From a Help Desk perspective, it works pretty well for our needs. ------------------------------ Donald Chew Help Desk Supervisor Mayo Clinic Rochester MN ------------------------------

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Good Afternoon Everyone! We are looking into phone recording software for our heldesk team. We are currently Avaya partners and using Xima Chronical. I do know they have a optional phone recording piece as a add-on...however, I would like to see what other vendors are being used. Would you use them again if you had the chance? Is there anyone with the Xima Chronical recording feature and could give me some feedback. Thanks for any help or info you can give me. Hope everyone is have a great finish [More]

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Service Level Management Basics: The Operational Level Agreement (OLA)

The OLA is a document/contract you can leverage to help make substantial improvements with the escalation/us-versus-them sort of challenges. The ITIL definition of an OLA is “an agreement between an IT service provider and another part of the same organization. An OLA supports the IT service provider’s delivery of IT services to customers. The OLA defines the goods or services to be provided and the responsibilities of both parties.”

Continual Service Improvement is NOT a Service Lifecycle Stage

Continual Service Improvement is really a mind-set. CSI recognizes that you can—and you have a responsibility to—get better. Therefore, Continual Service Improvement isn’t a lifecycle stage but, rather, something you do during all stages of the service lifecycle.

The Trickiness of Benchmarking and Trending Metrics

A great deal of desktop support’s work has shifted. Rather than moving around an office or college campus providing in-place fixes, desktop support has taken on a good deal of work from other areas. We need to be aware that as the work itself changes, the metrics may be representing different things.