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Richard I am not understanding your logic on the 3:1 example.  While some attempt the multitasking (which I believe doesn't really accomplish much more that extending the call length and reducing customer satisfaction - a different thread to discuss this), the length of a call is still the length of a call. E.g., three five minute phone class (15 min total talk time) could be 18-20 minutes (or longer) on chat, since the analyst can only deal with one customer at a time? Yes, some kinds of work (where [More]

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While testing the Service Center created 2 tickets so they could learn and work out kinks.  Then we did big bang.  We have left the old system open but locked out the ability to create new tickets.  That way we didn't have to debate whether to bring the tickets over or not.  They can be there until the old system dies a miserable death.  :-)   It's worked well.  We couldn't bring any old tickets over because we changed the category structure so the data would have been useless (unsearchable) anyway. [More]

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In the finishing process of doing just that right now. Like many have stated here, we pulled the band-aid in one quick pull.  Much to my dismay, it actually went live for one day before I was out on vacation.  While I wasn't happy with that idea, it's gone pretty well (since that was just last week). Here's what we did/are doing - we are using Incident - Problem- Change  1.  We moved into Change first, about two weeks prior to the rest of the system.  Our change system was horrible so wasn't a major [More]

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