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Interesting question. Working in the retail industry, customer service is at the forefront of everything that we do in our stores in taking care of our guests each day. The name if the building in which my staff and I work is called the "Store Support Center". Of all of the phone numbers that our stores call in this building, it is the help desk that they call the most. By virtue of working in this building, each person on my staff is considered a leader of the company. So, we have to daily [More]

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What a great idea! You know, you don't have to be from the same chapter to help out. This is a great way to "network/support" a sister chapter. NICE JOB, San Antonio! I love this partnership in the community! ------------------------------ Mary Cruse Director of IT Customer Services First American Title Santa Ana CA [Phone] ------------------------------

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This is a great question Roy! In my opinion, I see the Customer Experience as a process that is still maturing in our industry. I think it is becoming more valuable to have an understanding of what it means, how to measure it, and how to mature it in any organization. I think the concept of a balance scorecard will have a role in measuring the success of the Customer Experience. I have seen several companies over the last few years expanding their staff to include more CSM, Customer Success Managers, [More]

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Measuring Success: An Introduction to Metrics

There are many things we can measure in IT, but which things should we measure? And which should we report? As tech support professionals, we must ensure that the metrics we report provide value to inform our services at operational, tactical, and strategic levels. And as the organization matures and changes over time, we should adjust our metrics and KPIs to align with the revised vision and goals of the organization.

Metrics: What’s the “C” in “FCR”?

The C in FCR used to stand for first call resolution. Then along came other channels for technical support. But we cannot just stop measuring because our old ways no longer fit the bill. We need to be able to gather metrics across all channels in a way that makes sense. The first step is to modify the old phone metrics (first call) to reflect today’s channels.

Tech Support Confessions, Part 1

It's hard out there for a technical support professional: struggling with the demands of doing more with less, grappling with ever-increasing customer and business expectations, and keeping pace with constantly changing technology. But trust us, you're not alone.