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​​Has your support model (troubleshooting) changed as Applications move to the Cloud? Not Saas, as your business applications move to the Cloud (Azure or AWS). What are your experiences, how does the role of a Technician and Leaders change? Send examples, thanks everyone! ------------------------------ Lori Haakinson Team Lead IT Service Desk Wellmark Des Moines, IA 515.376.4813 ------------------------------

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​​What are the latest tools out in the technical industry that your technicians are using for troubleshooting? ------------------------------ Lori Haakinson Team Lead IT Service Desk Wellmark Des Moines, IA 515.376.4813 ------------------------------

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Hello Christina, I would focus on time = money.  How much time will the new changes save and how much is that time worth?  If someone is unable to work while they wait for support, what is the average wait time and what does that cost? How does that compare to the costs associated with making this change?  I am sure there is much more to touch on, but this is a bit outside of my wheelhouse.  Hope this helps! ------------------------------ Rick Lange Technical Support Specialist Advanced Software [More]

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