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We hired an answering service for about $100 a month who makes sure they get a live person on the phone with the customer. We have a list of people that rotates but no one is actually "on call." Whoever answers the phone gets overtime. We give 2 hours for each phone call because we believe this is how much personal time is disrupted to take one. We take people off who are on vacation or out sick. The answering service goes down the list until they get a hold of someone. If the answering service [More]

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Hi Joshua, When I worked at DePaul University we had student employees staff the labs. They were mostly their for "how to" questions and to just monitor the lab and it was a good place for them to get some experience during the semester. We then had a full time, 2nd level team that would come in for equipment failures that could not be fixed by the onsite students. ------------------------------ Andrew Mikulec Supervisor, IT Service Desk CDW Corporation ------------------------------

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We don't really do regular on-call anymore, there just wasn't enough calls to support keeping it up. Plus since we have tech support in various locations (US, UK, Singapore) it can usually bubble up after hours using a follow-the-sun method. That being said, when we did do it, to my recollection here are some of the process points we had: On-call rotate bi-monthly (sometimes weekly, depending on how staffed we were) Calendar was visible in our ITSM system of who was coming on / when Person coming [More]

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