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​​Hello HDI Members, I am a Support Center Manager and I am in the process of replacing my current Incident Management System with Cherwell.  Is there anyone who can give me some insight on their experience with this system.   If you are in the Chicago land area, is it possible for me to visit your site, for a tour of the system.  Thanks, Tommy ------------------------------ Tommy Bankhead Support Services|Manager Rush University Medical Center Chicago IL ------------------------------

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Someone replied back to me directly (thank you!) and they suggested:  LanSchool Classroom Management Software | This was their feedback... We have been using it for many years in a K-12 environment and teachers really seem to like it.  We did have some issues getting it to work with our wireless network, so you may want to check the specs to make sure it is compatible with your environment.  That was several years ago though, so hopefully they resolved those issues in later versions.  [More]

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​I would think that you could do this if it were a very small company but even then I believe that some of the end-users would be annoyed by a phone call to simply acknowledge the receipt of a ticket.  If you call them, they would like expect to receive help on the request.  I have not heard of anyone doing this and I certainly wouldn't enable that in our company.  We automate an email response when someone submits a ticket by email or phone call.  That works pretty well. ------------------------------ [More]

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Moving Beyond Legacy Support Systems

For technical support organizations, change often comes in the form of leaving behind a legacy system for newer technology. This goes beyond just wanting the latest and greatest tech; today, it’s about providing the type of modern, seamless support users expect.

Metric of the Month: First Contact Resolution Rate

FCR is a measure of how effectively your service desk conducts its business and is a function of many factors, including the complexity and types of transactions handled, the experience of your agents, the quality of agent training, and tools such as knowledge management and remote control.

Disabled Technology Is Useless Technology

Having access to the organization’s ITSM tool on mobile devices is especially valuable for desktop support teams, who are often out and about in the organization and susceptible to spontaneous requests. Having a mobile interface is also valuable for managers, who can look up ticket status, work accomplished, and the flow of work from wherever they happen to be.