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I'm studying for the HDI IT Support Center Team Lead exam. I have taken the practice test a few times. It lets me know what I missed, but doesn't tell me the correct answer. How can I easily find what the correct answer is to the practice test questions.  It seems cumbersome to have to listen to the training again to find it.  Any tips? ------------------------------ Barbara Robinson IT Analyst Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond VA ------------------------------

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We usually use 3 year life cycle for all desktops and laptops, Dell and Apple. While in the classroom side of things, Dell's warranty went to 4 years, and are on a 4 year cycle for classroom PCs. IMO the Apple products can go longer, but we still cycle them out because we may not have the funds the next time for that item. ------------------------------ Clayton Errington IT Support Technician III Texas Tech University Lubbock TX ------------------------------

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Do you bill back the cost of the Mac or PC to the department, or is it an IT cost? Currently the Mac is about a $1000 more than what we get our PC's by the time you get a 3 year warranty, a Windows license with Parallels or a remoteapp license so they can run apps that don't run on Mac OS. ------------------------------ Marshall Krebs Manager IT Service Desk Nu Skin International Provo UT ------------------------------

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