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​Hi Elizabeth, I'm new to HDI but 35 years in the help desk/customer support industry. I recommend that you calculate the closed ticket cost per ticket. and I'm attaching a summary of the HDI benchmarking data for comparison. Help Desk Metrics HDI 2013 HDI 2014 HDI Goal* Customer Satisfaction 87.0% 83.0% 1st Level Resolution- Service Requests 58% 62% 74% 1st Level Resolution- Incidents 66% 67% 72% 1st Contact Resolution- Service Requests 66% 59% 73% 1st Contact [More]

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My replies just reminded me, if you missed my session at the HDI 2017 conference of our journey of shift-left, the companion article is now up on Support World. Huge thanks to Peter McGarahan for his support and assistance. A Support Center Transformation to Shift Left | HDI Thinkhdi remove preview A Support Center Transformation to Shift Left | HDI BHAG. Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goal. My BHAG was our support center transformation project. The project was a two-year plan to transform [More]

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My advice, rip the band-aide. Do it all at once. Also a great time to review categorization.  Also a great opportunity to archive old cases and just keep one year. New processes... can you add automation (password resets) anything you can do to enhance self service. The Lean in me shivers at dual entry of tickets.  Good luck, massive work ahead. But well worth it in the end. ------------------------------ Richard Sykora Product Support Manager Blackbaud Daniel Island SC ------------------------- [More]

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Communication skills training is just as important as process and procedures for front line tech support staff. Even when issues are not resolved in a timely manner, customers can still report a pleasant experience based on the support center analyst’s communication skills.

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We are on the threshold of an era when we can take advantage of advanced technologies to assist us and, more importantly, those we support. It won’t be happening tomorrow or next week, but this is coming, and we need to be thinking about ways we can make the best use of these powerful tools.

The Myth of Proactive Problem Management - Part 4

It may sound impossible to get from where you are to leveraging your knowledge repository to deliver truly proactive tech support. Start a knowledge sharing program, if you don’t already have one. If you are already started down that road, rebuild some of your reporting to identify when customers need your knowledge. You can get there.