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Happy Holidays, HDI Members! Just sending along an end-of-year reminder to submit feedback on your HDI membership! As a way to continuously improve our membership offerings, we want your feedback. If you haven't done so this year or it has been a few quarters since you took the member feedback survey, please do so now. We appreciate your anonymous feedback! Please take some time to share your ideas, thoughts, kudos, or concerns-we review member comments, so we can make improvements for our members. [More]

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What criteria are all you using in your ticket system to track and run reports on FCR metrics? ------------------------------ Dan Krage Director Netsmart Solon OH ------------------------------

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Hi Michael, Congratulations on being nominated for HDI Team Award. Saw the name, and thought I'd post a reply. We are currently using an open source email based ticketing tool which has limited reporting. Instead of using first contact resolution, our Team is focusing on First Level Resolution. There are some good articles within HDI that speak to First Level Resolution. With changing technologies, and clients using multiple channels for support, the First Level Resolution may be a more power metric [More]

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Tips and Strategies for Self-Service

At recent speed-circuit discussion, attendees shared tips and strategies around self-service and paved the way for further conversations. Participants got to hear about the entire realm of self-service, including lessons learned and challenges in addition to successes.

New Technology Does Not Always Equal Success

People being asked to use new technology need to be brought right along with the project team, even during development. A good people strategy (that is, organizational change management) can make a difference between success and failure. If led, managed, and resourced properly, organizational change management has the power to increase adoption rates and improve utilization of new technology.

FAQs: What’s Wrong with Our Knowledge Base?

Knowledge-Centered Service or KCS is a set of practices for knowledge management that can benefit any service organization by improving the quality of services, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.