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We are using BMC FootPrint v11 here. It was already in place when I came on board so I don't have much experience in other products. We are currently evaluating the concept of upgrading to v12 and keeping our options open for possible new products. The only thing I am not thrilled about is the reporting feature with this product. It isn't the best or I should say that it doesn't have what I am seeking. ------------------------------ Charles Drawdy Manager, HelpDesk Gallaudet University Washington [More]

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I would recommend looking for several mentors that can help you improve in different aspects of your life.  - I have a mentor who helps me in my career.  This person has done my current job and has moved beyond.  We meet once a quarter to discuss changes that are happening in my career.  He is aware of my career goals, and he helps me keep on track to those goals by reminding me of them when I get side tracked with temporary problems in my current job.  He is my touch-point to reality and encourages [More]

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Rosal, Here is one of the KB templates that we use for our articles.  We also have templates for FAQs, Known Issues, Tips & Tricks, and Process & Procedure articles.  We also have an approval process that has people review the article for technical accuracy, usability, and consistency (technical writer). We are building out a new template for internal KB articles that are a wiki style for quick knowledge sharing. KB Article Template –How To Issue Overview <[More]

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