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Greetings folks.  This is my first post to the HDI forum and ironically it is about forums!  LOL :)  We are formally adding forums as a support channel to our portal in 2018.  They will be an additional option for our users and we are looking for ideas on driving entitlement of that channel outside of forcing users through a forum before submitting a ticket.  Does anyone currently use forums as a support channel?  Any key takeaways you might want to share?  Was your implementation successful?  Why?  [More]

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Hi Kristin, Our Support team's theme for 2017 was "Simplify" and our focus was on creating better procedures and cutting off some of the extraneous things we were doing that were merely taking up time. For 2018 our focus is "Growth" - this is the year to build on the process/procedures while continuing to improve on our responses. We've hired a lot of new people in support over the past few months, so this Growth theme is also applicable to the knowledge of our support team, the growth of our knowledge [More]

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I am in and really looking forward to it as I am also a first timer. Also, no need to send the Starbucks card. Thanks! Sara ------------------------------ Sara Stubbs Director, Customer Service & Support University of Oregon ------------------------------

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