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Hello All, We are currently using EasyVista and are quite pleased with it. Thanks ------------------------------ Omar Cheikh Assistant Director, IT Customer Care Fordham University Bronx NY ------------------------------

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Hello all. My name is Michael Turpin and I am the director of Service Management for a Healthcare System called Northwell. Our Healthcare System is comprised of 22 Hospitals and about 500 Medical Offices. Our Service Desk support over 60,000 end users. Our IT office are located across Long Island NY, while our end user and hospitals a spread across several states in the Northeast.  I have been a member of HDI for several years. ts great to be able to interact with all the other Service Desk leadership [More]

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I am Help Desk Manager for Tier 1-3 technicians. I have a team of 14 agents who support 930 employees. This comes out to a ratio of 1 technician for every 66 employees. This seems like a really good number and it's just about right honestly, but I think what would make more sense is instead of coming up with a ratio of tech's to employees is tech's to devices. Everyone in our company has at least 1 computer, 2 monitors, 1 mobile device, and a shared printer of some kind.  That's 5 devices minimum [More]

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