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Try doing something different?  Headlines that will grab their attention, user terminology, and WIFFM (Whats In It For Me)?  Begins with a communication strategy, and a clear message for your users. Are you informing them that a system is unavailable (when normally available)? New features that will help them get their job done? Identify your stakeholders and what it is that each of them care about. Talk to them, ensure that you know what they care about, and ask them what is the best method for [More]

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Hello, IT sends out tons of email notifications in regards to changes, rollouts, outages, etc ... That's a given. What is also a given is that users do NOT read all those emails. What solutions has your company come up with in order to send short, efficient, and less notifications? Are there any programs/plugins/software out there that can manage internal notifications? Thank you in advance!! Saida ------------------------------ Saida Laktiri Desktop Support Supervisor BBA Aviation Plano TX ---- [More]

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I think there are a few pieces that would need to be known... With this merger, what does it do to your volume, both US based and overseas? Does this merger come with IT staff for you to manage? Is the India location new or existing coming from the merger? Would you have a site manager? Is cost a factor? (weighing on site vs outsourced resources) Is Follow the Sun something everyone can benefit from? What type of support are you doing? helpdesk, software support, internal or external, etc. FTS could [More]

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KCS Coaching to Change Behavior

Coaching is a critical strategy for the implementation and ongoing health of the knowledge base. The coach needs to have the skills and an in-depth understanding of KCS. A deep understanding from the initial implementation to the ongoing methodology is typically required of the coach to keep the knowledge base healthy.

It's Not About the Machine

When we realize that we are supporting people and not machines, we think and act differently and deliver better service naturally.

No More Nonpologies: Apologize to Customers Like You Mean It

When you work in customer support, an insincere apology can really backfire and make an angry customer angrier. Don’t squander the rapport you have worked so hard to build with your customers. When a customer is rightfully aggrieved, all you can offer is an apology, so you really must learn to do it right. Leslie O’Flahavan offers three tips for writing a heartfelt apology to a customer.