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Hello Katie, Thank you for posting, I am happy I can provide some input. About 4 years ago we got tired of battling the losing battle of tracking tickets that had been escalated to other technical groups in our organization. We discussed a number of options, and came to the conclusion that we (the support team) needed to maintain ownership of all issues being reported, even if they are escalated. At first, it was extremely difficult to staff and manage all of the cases and follow up with other [More]

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Hi Everyone, HAPPY FRIDAY!! What tool do you offer your users when it comes to remote access? We are trying to identify ways to make remote access more seamless for our users. We use the following: Citrix primarily to connect to our Time management, Purchasing, Courses, VDI Desktop. WebVPN VPN to Office Desktop O365 webmail The most recent is EZ-Proxy Just thinking that we need something to really replace WebVPN as this holds the most internal links to apps used within Weill Cornell Medicine. [More]

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~15,000 employees (we don't support external) -24x7, 365 coverage. -17 Help Desk staff, 14 of which work day shift -30 'Desktop/Field' staff We don't do walk-ups or chat; staff share coverage of Self Service entered incidents/requests. ------------------------------ Shane Juedes IS Help Desk Manager UW Health Middleton WI ------------------------------

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What if management wasn’t a roadblock? What if management’s job was to clear the way and provide the tools necessary for people to do outstanding work? (We all know that’s what management’s job is supposed to be, but it often isn’t.) In general, workforce enablement operates with the belief that, given the means and opportunity, engaged employees will do good, efficient work. But beware of roadblocks to employee engagement such as failing to enable the engaged employee.