Process and Tool, Chicken and Egg: Finding the Right Tools for Your Organization
Every organization faces challenges when it comes to replacing the tools used to accomplish its work. Should the organization adjust to doing things according to the way the tool is designed, or should the tool be customized to fit the way the organization works? We all know that customization is expensive; when it comes to large software purchases, the costs can be significant, and they often expand beyond product costs to include professional services, consulting, and training.

To complicate matters, we also have to choose between on-premises and hosted/SaaS delivery, pick a licensing model, decide whether it matters to us how closely aligned with ITIL or another framework we need the tool to be, and then consider a large number of other variables.

In the midst of all these decisions, we often fail to consider a few very basic steps:

  • Getting the right people involved
  • Asking the right questions before you start
  • Defining your processes before searching for tools
  • Finding hidden expenses
  • Deciding whether or not to customize
  • Measuring success
More than ever, it’s imperative that we understand and serve the goals of our organizations (i.e., the businesses for which we provide services). The days when IT was essentially a black box, and could purchase new tools at will, are gone.