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Member-Only Benefits

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For just $295 a year, HDI members receive full access to the following incredible benefits:


  • Practices & Salary Reports
    Exclusive access to research reports that explore the day-to-day operations and compensatory practices of support centers and desktop support operations around the world. Note: Membership is the only way to access this exclusive research, as these reports are not sold commercially.
  • Research Briefs
    Exclusive access to bimonthly research and analysis on trending industry topics. Use these to stay on top of trends and make informed business decisions.


  • HDIConnect
    We built a member-exclusive community because HDI members asked for it! This private online community is designed for peer learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Yes, it really is all that.
  • Local Chapter Meetings
    Don't limit your interactions to the virtual world! Participate in meet-ups to network with peers, learn from guest speakers and industry experts, build lasting friendships, and make professional connections. A virtual local chapter (vChapter) is available to members who don’t have a local chapter nearby.


  • Standards
    Developed by the HDI International Certification Standards Committee, the HDI Support Center Standard lays out best practices for high-performing support centers, while the HDI Certification Standards identify core competencies for roles in customer service and technical support. The certification standards also prepare individuals for HDI certification exams.
  • Industry Awards
    Members can nominate themselves, their colleagues, and their teams for prestigious, industry-recognized HDI awards and show the world that they’ve achieved the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Brag about yourself and your team!
  • Focus Series
    Exclusive access to deep dives into key topics and issues—delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Tools and Templates
    Save time and money with access to practical resources to measure current success, benchmark performance, and make necessary improvements to your support center. Download what you need to succeed.

Discounts for HDI Members

It's like money in your pocket. Enjoy savings on HDI's certification and training courses, services, and events, including:

Discounts on HDI Memberships

Looking for more savings? Here's what's available.

Note: At this time, we are unable to process discounts via the website. Please contact our Customer Care Center to have discounts applied to your membership purchase.

Bulk Discounts

In order to take advantage of bulk discounts, these memberships must be purchased at the same time.

  • Save 10% when you purchase six to ten memberships ($265 per membership).
  • Save 15% when you purchase eleven to fifteen memberships ($250 per membership).
  • Save 20% when you purchase sixteen to one hundred memberships ($236 per membership).

Multiple-Year Memberships

  • Save 5% when you purchase a two-year membership ($560 total).
  • Save 10% when you purchase a three-year membership ($796 total).
  • Save 15% when you purchase a five-year membership ($1,254 total).
  • Purchase a lifetime membership for $5,900.

Student Membership

You can apply to receive a student discount. The membership rate for verified students is $49 per year.

Early Bird Renewal

Renew 90–60 business days prior to your current membership's expiration date and save $50!

Contact HDI at 800.248.5667 or if you'd like to transfer your current membership to someone else on your team before its scheduled expiration date.