Local Chapter Directory

There are over sixty HDI Local Chapters across the United States and Canada. Find one near you, start one in your area, or join us for an upcoming vChapter meeting.

2 chapters

Calgary Local Chapter

 Chad Khera
 3rd Wednesday each month

HDI Edmonton

 Nov 2006
 Kris Tabin

1 chapter  

Arizona Chapter of HDI

 Oct 2004
 Ted Cohen
 (623) 670-1997
 Quarterly or as announced on www.azhdi.com

5 chapters

Central Valley Local Chapter

 Aug 2010
 Lauretta Ayers
 (209) 883-8626

Orange County Local Chapter

 Nov 2004
 Jemma David
 2nd Wednesday each month

Sacramento Local Chapter

 Jun 2002
 Rebecca Hayes

San Diego Local Chapter

 Nov 2004
 Maurice Kyle
 2nd Thursday each month

San Francisco Bay Area Local Chapter

 Nov 2004
 Larry Motsenbocker
 3rd Wednesday or Friday of each month

2 chapters

Pikes Peak HDI

 Sep 2004
 Tom Lewis

Rocky Mountain Local Chapter

 Jul 2003
 Jennifer Woolley
 3rd Thursday of each month. See website for details.

1 chapter  

Connecticut Local Chapter

 George Comenale
 3rd Wednesday of each month

District of Columbia
1 chapter  

Washington, DC/Capital Area Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Robert Stanley
 3rd Wednesday of each month, 12:00 – 2:00pm

4 chapters

HDI Central Florida (Orlando Area)

 May 2012
 Jim Ryave
 (407) 654 - 6541

HDI Skyway

 Jun 2004
 Cay Robertson
 3rd Tuesday every month

HDI South Florida

 Jun 2004
 Tony Di Perna

West Palm Beach Local Chapter

 Feb 2012
 Sandra Felice

1 chapter  

Atlanta Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Jamie Stannard
 Every other month

1 chapter  

Iowa Local Chapter

 Jun 2004
 Krista Lindholm
 3rd Wednesday of most months

1 chapter  


 LaDonna Spragg
 3rd Thursday of odd-number months plus special events

1 chapter  

Indianapolis Local Chapter

 Jun 2004
 Carie Reagan
 3rd Wednesday each month (September through May)

1 chapter  


 Sep 2007
 Ashely Webb
 888-995-5700 ext 1000

1 chapter  

New England Chapter

 Nov 2004
 David Cole

2 chapters

Motown Local Chapter

 Jun 2004
 Joy Goberville
 2nd Friday every month

Western Michigan Local Chapter

 Nov 2004
 Jean Houghton
 2nd Wednesday each month (except July & August) 1:30-4:00PM

1 chapter  

Minnesota Local Chapter

 Jun 2004
 Gina Montague
 3rd Wednesday each month (2:00 - 4:30 pm)

2 chapters

Gateway: St. Louis Local Chapter

 May 2004
 Joe Arechederra
 3rd Tuesday each month

Heartland Local Chapter

 Kim Manifold
 (913)469-8500, ext. 4860

North Carolina
2 chapters

Charlotte North Carolina Chapter

 Feb 2005
 Sherrie Durasoff

TriHDI-Raleigh, NC

 Sep 2010
 John Pierce

1 chapter  

Nebraska Local Chapter

 Dec 2004
 Nick Lerouge

New Hampshire
1 chapter  

Northern New England

 Oct 2007
 Margie Meyers

New Jersey
1 chapter  

New Jersey Local Chapter

 Jul 2004
 Atul Sharma
 Every other month

New Mexico
1 chapter  

HDI Rio Grande

 Feb 2010
 Sandy Hazlett
 One Association

2 chapters

HDI vChapter

 Nov 2012
 Kristy Trice
 First Tuesday of each Quarter. Register Here: https://www.thinkhdi.com/Landing/vChapter

No Local Chapter

 Kerri Hanna

1 chapter  

Las Vegas Local Chapter

 Apr 2013
 Tabitha Scarbrough

New York
3 chapters

HDI Long Island Local Chapter

 Oct 2008
 Tom Policano
 732-396-9010 ext.190

New York City Local Chapter

 Kevin Staley
 Varied times

Western & Central New York

 Apr 2007
 Mark Zecchino

2 chapters

Mid-Ohio: Columbus/Cincinnati/Dayton

 Sep 2004
 Mary Lorenz
 3rd Friday every other month

North Coast Local Chapter

 Oct 2004
 Cindy Hemsoth
 3rd Thursday of each month from 2:30 to 4:30.

1 chapter  

Oklahoma Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Joey Punneo

2 chapters

Ottawa Local Chapter

 Jan 2001
 Richard A. Bourque
 (613) 327-0553
 3rd Tuesday each month

Toronto/Trillium Local Chapter

 Lisa Templeton
 3rd Wednesday or Thursday each month (September to June)

3 chapters

HDI Philly Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Lou Eggert

Pittsburgh/Steel City Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Kevin Smith
 (412) 396-1604

Susquehanna Valley Local Chapter

 Mar 2007
 Marie Clark
 2nd Thursday of the even-numbered months (February, April, June, August, October and December) at 3:00 pm.

1 chapter  

Montreal Local Chapter

 Benoit Tessier

Rhode Island
1 chapter  

Help Desk Chapter of Rhode Island

 Oct 2010
 Renee Harris
 (508) 979-3770

1 chapter  

Regina Local Chapter

 Yvonne Harrison
 2nd Tuesday each month - location to be posted.
 Please see website for details.

2 chapters

HDI Music City

 Apr 2004
 Peter Bell

Smoky Mountain Local Chapter

 Rob Norirs

5 chapters

Austin Local Chapter

 Lori Threlkeld

Dallas/Fort Worth Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Jo Ann Ream

HDI West Texas

 Jun 2011
 Shannon Cepica

Houston Local Chapter

 Aug 2004
 Vikki Jansen

San Antonio Chapter

 Feb 2005
 Bernard Beaullieu

1 chapter  

Salt Lake City

 Chris Slaugh
 3rd Thursday each month

1 chapter  

Seattle Local Chapter

 Feb 2012
 TJ Filley
 Every other month. See Website for details

3 chapters

Brew City Local Chapter

 Sep 2004
 Jason Wischer
 (262) 814-8009
 3rd Tuesday every month

HDI Capital City

 Sep 2004
 Walt Bublitz
 (608) 263-5043

Titletown/Green Bay Local Chapter

 Jun 2004
 Paul Strei
 3rd Monday of the month

West Virgina
1 chapter  

Charleston, WV Local Chapter

 Mar 2013
 Billy Porter