HDI Authorized Training Partner

Authorized Training Partner

Once a training company is an HDI Registered Training Partner (HDI-RTP), it can upgrade to the next level of partnership, the HDI Authorized Training Partner (HDI-ATP). This level of partnership requires the training company to pay an annual fee for each training location. Each location is granted access to the HDI Learning Center so that the partner can administer the online certification exams and online courses they are authorized to resell, and provide support for their clients.

As an HDI-ATP, a company may become authorized for additional HDI instructor-led courses and to sell the HDI online courses. These options vary by country and must be discussed with the HDI Partner Manager. When applying to be an HDI Registered Training Partner, you may indicate your desire to discuss this option.

The annual HDI-ATP fee is based on the country classifications codified by the World Bank in July 2009.