HDI Registered Training Partner

Registerd Training Partner

A partnership with HDI begins at the HDI Registered Training Partner (HDI-RTP) level. To become an HDI Registered Training Partner, your company must be an established training company with training facilities and full-time staff. Partnerships are not available for individuals or companies without training facilities. Each partner is assigned a territory based on the location of its facilities. This may be a country, state, or city, depending on the market served.

As an HDI Registered Training Partner, you will be able to offer HDI instructor-led training at your training facility for the following courses:

Course Length U.S. List Price
HDI Customer Service Representative 1-Day $895
HDI Support Center Analyst 2-Days $1,395
HDI Desktop Support Technician 2-Days $1,395

All HDI Partners are added to an e-mail distribution list and sent announcements related to courseware updates, process enhancements, and other important information, including how to order courseware. Courseware is shipped directly to the training location. Customers may purchase HDI certification exams through HDI directly.

All HDI Partners are required to use HDI Certified Instructors for course delivery. Partners may either have employees complete the HDI Certified Instructor training in the desired course(s), or contract with any HDI Certified Instructor who has been authorized to deliver the desired course(s). If they have elected to be listed, HDI Certified Instructors may be located through the Certified Instructor Registry.

HDI Registered Training Partner applicants who qualify for the HDI Partner program will not be enrolled as official HDI Partners until they identify a HDI Certified Instructor authorized to deliver the courses they desire to offer.