Why Become an HDI Partner

HDI Partners deliver the skills-building training to help support professionals prepare for their HDI certification exams. Only HDI Partners are authorized to purchase official curriculum from HDI for commercial use related to marketing, selling, and delivering HDI courses. As an HDI Partner, a training company can expand its course offerings and serve more customers. All HDI Partners are required to use HDI Certified Instructors for course delivery.

HDI is a leader in certification and training for support center professionals, with over 50,000 HDI-certified support professionals worldwide. HDI is also the world’s premier certification standards body and the largest membership association for technical support professionals. Providing enterprise and/or consumer technical support requires support professionals to have technical skills and knowledge as well as customer service and service management skills.

Technology vendors provide training and certification for the software and hardware products they provide to the market. HDI Standards define the customer service and service management knowledge, specific to certain roles, that support professionals are expected to possess.