Desktop Support

Enhance your desktop support skills and improve the customer experience.


Desktop support is often called "the face of IT," and like any other business unit, desktop support needs to be as efficient and as effective as possible. Analyzing and improving the processes behind desktop support can help your organization optimize your results and increase customer...

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Technical support centers must demonstrate their value. They can add value with personalization, concierge services, walk-up, excellent self-service, and more.
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Collaboration is the future of work—it paves the way to innovation and progress, and it's the best thing you can do for your team and organization.
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What will be the continuing impact of technology on ITAM, and what additional changes should be anticipated in the next five years?
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At today's speed of business, replacing a device is often more cost- and time-effective than repairing it. What has shaped this trend, and what effect is it having on technical support?
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IT is no longer in complete control of business technology, and for some organizations, that’s a hard pill to swallow. The first step toward this new future requires taking action and scanning the horizon for new opportunities.
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Having an understanding of the key parts of project planning is critical to the success of any support team. There are two key elements of project management: people and process. Each element has ...
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