eNews: Is IT Facing a Leadership Crisis?

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Volume 11, Issue 11 | November 16, 2011

Industry Insider

CIO Role: Is IT Facing a Leadership Crisis?

By Meredith Levinson

The CIO role is undergoing yet another shift, and the emerging CIO position requires a mix of capabilities that many existing IT leaders lack. CIO.com investigates what abilities are needed to be successful in this new CIO role and where future CIOs will come from. Read more

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White Papers

Skills for a Successful Support Staff

By CompTIA and HDI

Though our industry is the technical service and support industry, it is no longer surprising to find that the "service and support" concept often overshadows the "technical" component. Read more

CMDB Success Kit

By LogMeIn

Understand the challenges and risks of supporting a remote workforce with legacy tools such as RDP, pcAnywhere, VPNs, and VNC, and identify best practices you can use to choose help desk tools that better support today?s workforce while also cutting costs. Read more

Research Corner

Supporting Mobile Devices

Find out what others are doing and how it's impacting customer service. Take this month's five-minute survey on mobile devices and we will send you the final report when the results are in.

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The Future of IT Infrastructure

By Samuel Greengard

A wave of technologies?including cloud computing, mobility and social media?are transforming the enterprise and fundamentally altering IT infrastructure. Navigating this new order requires vision and business acumen. Read more

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Metric of the Month: Cost per Ticket

By Jeff Rumburg

The purpose of the column is to familiarize you with the KPIs that really matter to your support organization. In this issue, we will focus on cost per ticket. Read more

When IT Isn't Strategic, Bad Things Happen

By Larry Tieman

How different things might have been at the likes of People Express and DHL if their IT executives had educated their senior business execs. Read more

The State of Knowledge Management

By David Griffiths and Brian Moon

Knowledge management performance has been the subject of several important surveys in the recent past, the results of which indicate some dissatisfaction with KM, in terms of its application as a strategic management tool, and suggest that the concept of KM could be in decline. Read more

The Decision-Making Flaw in Powerful People

By Kelly See, Elizabeth Wolfe Morrison, Naomi Rothman, and Jack Soll

Overflowing with confidence, many leaders turn away from good advice. Read more

Social Media vs. Knowledge Management

By Anthony Bradley and Mark McDonald

On the surface, social media and knowledge management (KM) seem very similar. Both involve people using technology to access information. Both require individuals to create information intended for sharing. Both profess to support collaboration. But there's a big difference. Read more

Four Motivation Mistakes Most Leaders Make

By Carolyn Dewar and Scott Keller

Irrationality is a basic part of being human. Leaders who rely on rationality typically spend time and energy on the wrong things, send messages that miss the mark, and create frustrating unintended consequences. Read more


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