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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HDI 2013 – A Digital Experience is an award-winning free event that you help create! Earn your license to learn at this engaging event featuring top-rated sessions and speakers from the HDI 2013 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

Mark your calendars now to join a global audience for HDI's second annual digital experience—an interactive industry event!

In this virtual, highly interactive environment, you can chat with others, engage in discussions with the presenters, download free content, and extend your experience with a range of social networking tools. Download the attendee guide for a tour.

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This engaging event offers:

  • Video recordings of your favorite keynotes from HDI 2013
  • Live webcasts with top-rated speakers
  • A wide variety of on-demand training sessions
  • A digital expo hall
  • Facilitated chat groups
  • Incredible prize giveaways
  • Pre-event workshops in the virtual classroom
  • And much more!

Register your entire team for a full day of professional development and team building! Attendees will have opportunities to engage in chat discussions, download dozens of resources, visit top solutions providers in the digital expo, and win incredible prizes.

Here's your chance to share what you learned at HDI 2013. If you were unable to attend the HDI 2013 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, HDI 2013 – A Digital Experience will give you the chance to catch some of the sessions you missed. Plan your May team meeting around this content-rich, interactive event!

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Pre-Event Workshops in the Virtual Classroom

Monday, May 20 (limited registration)
Pricing: $545 Member Price | $595 Price
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Support Center Metrics and Measurements

Rae Ann BrunoRae Ann Bruno | President, Business Solutions Training

Is the support center meeting its goals? How does the support center's performance compare to other support centers and organizations? What should the support center measure, and where will focusing on improvement efforts benefit the organization? Measuring the support team’s performance can help guide business decisions.

This course is designed to identify the metrics that every support center should be using to measure individual, team, and organizational performance. The course will introduce key performance indicators and will identify the important types of questions to ask when analyzing data. Discover which support center metrics are important, how to calculate them, and what do to with them.

About the Instructor

Rae Ann Bruno is the president of Business Solutions Training, a member of the HDI Faculty, and a regular speaker at HDI local chapter meetings and support industry conferences both nationally and internationally. Rae Ann holds various ITIL intermediate certifications, all of the HDI certifications, is a member of the HDI International Standards Committee, and is the author of HDI focus books.

Problem Management

Jim Bolton | President, Propoint Solutions

While incident management focuses on "fixing it fast," problem management focuses on determining the root cause, identifying temporary workarounds, and applying permanent fixes so that incidents don’t happen again. Additionally, problem management uses trending data from incident and event management to identify potential failures and correct issues before the customer is impacted (i.e., "the incident that never happened").

Through case study exercises, participants will learn how to design, integrate, and implement a process that includes both reactive and proactive problem management activities. This high-energy workshop is filled with practical guidance, templates, quick wins, and tips for successfully implementing ITIL best practice methodologies for problem management.

About the Instructor

Jim Bolton is the president and founder of Propoint Solutions, Inc. Jim’s leadership and knowledge of industry best practices have brought IT service excellence to a number of industries, from higher education to manufacturing. He is an IT service management consultant, an EXIN-accredited ITIL trainer, a founding member of the Rocky Mountain itSMF LIG, and a member of the HDI Faculty.


The Live Digital Experience

Tuesday, May 21
Pricing: Free
Event and Expo Open: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EDT

8 am New York –  11 am Sao Paulo – 1 pm London – 2 pm Warsaw – 5 pm Moscow – 7 pm Mumbai

Available on demand through June 15, 2013.

Join us for the day to take in as many sessions as your schedule allows, explore the expo hall, participate in featured chat discussions on a wide variety of topics, and share in a chance to win amazing prizes. Then, come and go as you please until June 15 to take full advantage of all of the resources on hand.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend HDI 2013 - A Digital Experience

  1. Professional networking. The networking that goes on at HDI 2013 – A Digital Experience is second to none! See Roy's video.
  2. Motivation and inspiration. Motivation and inspiration. If you missed the chance to see the keynotes at the HDI 2013 Conference & Expo, tune in to HDI 2013 Digital to experience the impact of these motivational messages.
  3. Learning from industry experts. The hand-picked speakers at this virtual event aren't just there to entertain you! Gain insight and inspiration from speakers who are sure to keep your attention long after the broadcast is over.
  4. Access to top solution providers. Get a feel for today's latest tools and technologies when you chat with industry-leading solution providers in our state-of-the-art digital Expo Hall.
  5. Idea sharing. HDI 2013 Digital encourages professional networking and peer-learning. Take advantage of opportunities to learn from (and with) your peers by participating in expert-guided, facilitated chat discussions on a variety of topics, throughout the event! 
  6. Participation at your own pace. Whether you're able to attend the entire day or you only have time to jump online during your lunch hour for a quick motivational pick-me-up, HDI 2013 Digital allows you to customize your experience to fit your busy schedule. You can even replay sessions on demand - anytime, anywhere 24x7 - through June 15!
  7. Shared knowledge. Make sure your entire organization is on the same page when it comes to skills, trends, and practices. Register your whole team for a day of team building at HDI 2013 Digital!
  8. Incredible prize giveaways. Attendees have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, including conference registrations for the HDI 2014 Conference & Expo (April 1–4, 2014), a three-night stay at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando for HDI 2014, iPad minis, $25 Amazon gift cards, and more from our sponsors in the digital Expo Hall.
  9. Targeted interactions. Are you a bookworm? A social butterfly? A voyager? A session seeker? Earn badges by attending webcasts, visiting solution providers, joining chat discussions, downloading resources, or inviting others to the event. The badges you earn are displayed in your profile and on the "Who's Here" screen to help you find other like-minded members, social butterflies, and bookworms.
  10. A wide variety of topics. Whether you’re on track to adapt a process, brush up on new industry tools, or improve performance, we have insightful sessions to fit everyone's needs, straight from the tracks at the HDI 2013 Conference & Expo!

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Steve Wozniak Unplugged - 9:00 a.m. EDT

Steve Wozniak

Steve WozniakJoin Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer and creator of its first product, for the first-ever HDI keynote chat! In an on-stage interview, Steve will share his unique perspective on how business and technology have changed over the years, and where he believes technology is headed. He'll also give you a glimpse into how advances in digital technology can be used to help you create engaging, thought-provoking work faster than ever before.

Watch a video preview

About the Speaker

A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist, Steve Wozniak helped shape the computing industry. He founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976, and invented two of Apple's earliest products, the Apple I and Apple II. Steve currently serves as chief scientist for Fusion-io and is a New York Times best-selling author. His recent television appearances include Dancing with the Stars and The Big Bang Theory.

Mission Possible - 12:30 p.m. EDT

Lt. Col. Rob WaldenLieutenant Colonel Rob "Waldo" Waldman

The missiles of our economy are affecting us more than ever. The key is not to get shot down! Waldo puts you in the cockpit of a high-performance jet and shows how you can overcome fear, adapt to change, build trusting relationships with your wingmen, and take action in business and in life. Waldo will inspire your team to build trusting, revenue-generating relationships with their employees, partners, and customers.

Watch a video preview

About the Speaker

Lieutenant Colonel Rob "Waldo" Waldman is a professional motivational speaker and author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo (2009). By sharing his experience as a decorated combat fighter pilot and businessman, he teaches organizations and individuals how to build lasting relationships with their employees, partners, and customers. Waldo is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and also holds an MBA with a focus on organizational behavior.

The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up! - 4:15 p.m. EDT

Scott Christopher

In this keynote presentation, Scott uses case studies to demonstrate how Fortune's 100 Best Companies breed more engaged employees and happier customers by incorporating fun and humor into the workplace. Scott motivates individuals to lighten up at work and in life using latitude, attitude, and gratitude. He will share inspirational stories and relevant data that make the case for infusing your life with levity.

Watch a video preview

About the Speaker

Scott Christopher is the author of the forthcoming People People: Who They Are, Why They Win and How To Become One (Gibbs Smith, 2013) and the best-selling The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up (Wiley, 2008). He has circled the globe entertaining and motivating audiences with his unforgettable messages and off-the-cuff humor, illustrating firsthand how levity, humor, and being “people people” can enrich our lives at work and at home. In his rare spare time, Scott is a television host, emcee, and actor, having appeared on network television series Everwood and Touched by an Angel, and in Disney Channel movies.


First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others - 11:00 a.m. EDT

Mike Kublin | President, PeopleTek Coaching

Whether you work for a small company and have zero direct reports or a major corporation with dozens of teams reporting to you, you must be able to lead and manage yourself before you can lead or manage others. Effective leaders need to understand if they're coming across too strong or too weak, if they avoid conflict or manage it, if they’re approachable and truly listen or if they've already decisions made before they engage others. Strong leaders know where they stand, they know how to adjust and adapt based on the situation, and they know how to leverage the strengths and value others can provide. An organization's culture, values, goals, and objectives all circle back to leadership, and you can’t engage others until you, the leader, are engaged!

Watch a video preview

Mike KublinAbout the Presenter

Mike Kublin is the founder and president of PeopleTek Coaching, a training, development, and coaching company that specializes in enabling leaders, professionals, technicians, and their teams to examine their behaviors and determine what is/is not effective and identify what may be preventing them from achieving the desired results.

The Economic Impact of Support: What's Your Value Proposition? - 1:30 p.m. EDT

Jeff Rumburg | Founding Partner, MetricNet

Most IT departments can tell you how much they spend on support, but very few can quantify the economic impact of support. The result is that many support groups are on the defensive when it comes to budgeting and spending, and often struggle just to get the funding needed to deliver adequate levels of support.

In recent years, a handful of pioneering organizations have adopted a different strategy when it comes to support—a strategy that emphasizes value over cost—and they routinely deliver benefits far in excess of their costs. Support groups that understand and quantify their value propositions gain a number of important advantages; chief among them is the ability to obtain funding and other resources based on the economic benefits of support. In this webcast, learn how to develop a simple value proposition for IT support, how to make the transition from cost center to value center, how to measure the economic impact of support using cost/benefit analysis and other KPIs, and how to create a value-centric culture in IT support.

Watch a video preview

Jeff RumburgAbout the Presenter

Jeff Rumburg is the cofounder and managing partner at MetricNet, LLC. He has been retained as a service desk and desktop support expert by some of the world’s largest corporations, including American Express, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, and IBM, and he currently serves on the HDI Strategic Advisory Board. He was formerly a vice president at Gartner. Jeff received his MBA from Harvard University and his MS in operations from Stanford University.

Back to Basics: Focusing on the Customer Experience - 3:00 p.m. EDT

Rae Ann Bruno | President, Business Solutions Training

Are you meeting your service levels but still getting negative feedback from customers? If so, you may need to get back to basics and focus on the interactions themselves. Often, we become so focused on metrics that we lose focus on quality. Customer satisfaction is largely based on how the customer feels, not on the technical aptitude of the customer service representative. Yet we focus on how much time we spend on the phone, first contact resolution, technical aptitude, etc. During this session, learn about what’s important to customers and how your team can deliver every time. Learn how to implement and maintain practices and training that focus on the customer experience. And discover ways to prepare your analysts for dealing with difficult customers, building positive relationships, and delivering service that earns rave reviews and increases your value to the organization.

Watch a video preview

About the PresenterRae Ann Bruno

Rae Ann Bruno is the president of Business Solutions Training, a member of the HDI Faculty, and a regular speaker at HDI local chapter meetings and support industry conferences both nationally and internationally. Rae Ann holds various ITIL intermediate certifications, all of the HDI certifications, is a member of the HDI International Standards Committee, and is the author of HDI focus books.

BYOD and the Consumerization of IT: Changing the Face of Support - On Demand

Shawn Genoway | Senior Director, Worldwide IT Service Delivery and NOCs, Citrix Systems

In this session, Shawn Genoway will provide a detailed overview of Citrix's BYOD program. At the program's inception, Citrix established five key milestones: survey the employees, determine the stipend, review corporate policies, review corporate policies, and draft some basic program rules. Now that Citrix is coming up on the four-year anniversary of the program, it's in a position to share some lessons learned, ranging from implementation and day-to-day support to program maintenance and the long-term vision for the program. Attendees will also take a look at how the program forced Citrix to rethink how its services were being delivered, supported, and subsequently consumed by employees. Embracing consumerization means taking a fresh look at the customer experience and being prepared to redesign it.

Watch a video preview

Shawn GenowayAbout the Presenter

Shawn Genoway has been in the IT industry for nearly twenty years. His experience spans technical architecture, service level management, business process re-engineering, IT automation, mergers and acquisitions, regional operations, network operations centers, and service and support. A twelve-year veteran of Citrix, his current accountabilities include worldwide first- and second-level employee support, service level management, root cause analysis, problem management, change management, network operations centers, and program management for the BYOD program

The Customer Experience: Self-Service and Social Support - On Demand

Roy Atkinson | Senior Writer/Analyst, HDI

Self-service and social media are gradually becoming channels of choice. But how do customers feel about that? Are they happy to be free of the obligation to explain their problems or questions, or are they frustrated by having to find the information they are looking for? Are they adopting self-service or avoiding it? In this session, attendees will first explore ways to optimize self-service and social support to create customer satisfaction, and then look at techniques for measuring that satisfaction in ways that will drive continual improvement. What metrics are needed? How should customers be surveyed? What happens to the results? Attend this session to find out!

Watch a video preview

Roy AtkinsonAbout the Presenter

As HDI's senior writer/analyst, Roy Atkinson is the chief writer for white papers and SupportWorld articles and a key in-house subject matter expert, holding both ITIL and HDI certifications. Roy has an extensive background as a practitioner in IT support and customer service, and he studied advanced management strategies at Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business. He is a frequent speaker and writer on customer service, social support, and mobile device support.

Metrics the Business Won't Ignore - On Demand

Phyllis Drucker | Business Process Consultant, Linium

It may surprise you to learn that many IT organizations still don't have a metrics program that demonstrates their value and helps them manage day-to-day operations, but it's true! This may be a result of the disconnect between the information IT produces and the information the business cares about, leading to frustration on the part of the people who spend hours producing reports. This session offers tips and samples to help IT managers create two reporting programs: one for IT management to see how their team is performing against requirements, the other for customer consumption. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of how to create reports that will provoke meaningful discussion during regular service reviews with their customers.

Watch a video preview

About the Presenter

Phyllis Drucker is a certified ITIL expert and information leader in IT service management. After twenty years as a practitioner, she is now a business process consultant with Linium. Since 1997, Phyllis has served HDI and itSMF USA in various capacities, and has helped advance the ITSM profession worldwide by providing her experience and insight on a wide variety of ITSM topics at conferences and via webinars and white papers.

Don't Geek It, Speak It! - On Demand

Manley Feinberg | Chief Experience Officer, Vertical Lessons

Adept IT leaders understand the critical importance of communication skills, but most don’t have the development path and resources available to make sure their team is consistently improving its communication skills. In this session, attendees will focus on dramatically improving these skills so that they can deliver more-effective communications, motivating their teams to strive for excellence every day, driving customer service levels, aligning key initiatives, building key business alliances, and developing IT advocates.

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About the Presenter

Manley Feinberg is an award-winning speaker and IT leader, a certified world-class speaking coach, and a professional trainer covering a wide range of business and technical topics. Leveraging more than seventeen years of IT, business, and professional speaking experience, Manley helps professionals take their presentation and communication skills to the next level, enabling them to influence their customers, teams, and colleagues, and build key business alliances.

Support Tips: Delivered Fast, Fun, and Furiously - On Demand

Gina Montague| Manager, Support Services, Infinite Campus

Do you skim through articles looking for key points and high-level information to confirm that you’re on the right path? Are you looking to see if there is a better idea out there? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this fast-paced session is for you! In this session, Gina Montague will deliver 50 support tips that every support manager should have in their bag of tricks, covering incentives, metrics, processes, interviewing, training, performance reviews, marketing, surveys, call monitoring, technology tools, and more. Attendees will walk away with great ideas and best practices—this is one session you won't want to miss!

Watch a video preview

About the Presenter

Gina Montague is the support services manager for Infinite Campus, a student information system (SIS) for K–12 education. Gina has been in the support industry for more than fifteen years and she is passionate about delivering positive customer experiences. She has been a support manager since 2001, which is also when she became an HDI member. Gina is currently the president of the Minnesota local chapter, where she has served in various officer positions since 2005.

Let's Chat: The Road to a Successful Chat Implementation - On Demand

Aran McFarland | Director, IT Support Center, Ricoh Americas Corporation

Are your users looking for alternate ways to contact you? Are you being ask to do more with less? In 2009, the support center leadership team at Ricoh Americas Corporation recognized that their internal customers were looking for alternate channels to engage with the support organization, and they wanted to deliver those channels. With more than 16,000 phone contacts a month, it was a challenge to leave the comfort zone and provide a new support channel. However, not only were they able to accomplish a successful chat implementation, they also increased customer satisfaction, analyst productivity, and job satisfaction—and all with zero cost to the organization! In this session, Aran McFarland will provide a broad overview of how Ricoh successfully implemented live chat support.

Watch a video preview

About the Presenter

Aran McFarland is the director of the IT support center at Ricoh Americas Corporation. Aran has held a number of help desk and support leadership positions over the past fourteen years, supporting messaging infrastructures at Fortune 100 companies and serving as the director of tier 1 services at United Messaging and support services manager at HostMySite.com, where he specialized in web technologies.

Performance Dashboards: The University of Miami Approach - On Demand

Eddie Vidal | Manager, Enterprise Support Services, University of Miami

Measurement is important because it puts vague concepts in context; it is simply not enough to say you want to deliver quality service—you must define it before you can know if you’re succeeding. In this session, Eddie will introduce the tools and templates you’ll need to grade and rank your service desk analysts in eight different categories (based on the same program he implemented at the University of Miami). Since all of these numbers and measurements will get you nowhere without the buy-in and contribution of the analysts you are measuring, Eddie will walk attendees through the steps he followed to gain that buy-in, and provide you with a starting point for implementing analyst dashboards in your organization and improving the quality of service you provide to your customers.

Watch a video preview

About the Presenter

Eddie Vidal has over twenty years of experience in information technology, focusing on service delivery and support for IT infrastructures. He is the manager of enterprise support services at the University of Miami, supporting over 30,000 users. He currently serves as president of the HDI South Florida chapter and on the HDI Desktop Support and Member Advisory Boards.  

Networking and Facilitated Chats

Networking begins at 8:00 a.m. Eastern

Led by Roy Atkinson, HDI's own social rock star, our event Meeters and Greeters are sure to keep this event lively! They'll let you know when a new discussion begins, where to find it, and who will be on hand to spur the conversation.

Join fellow HDI members, friends, and featured presenters already lined up to facilitate chats: Bren Boddy, Rae Ann Bruno, Theresa Buehler, Dave Chism, Ken Gonzalez, Shawn Genoway, Mike Kublin, Kelly McLaughlin, Dana Olson, Jeff Rumburg, Sandy Seroskie, and Steve Summers.

Watch for details about the full schedule of facilitated chats.

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