Metrics and Measurements

Learn about the metrics you should be tracking and find the right tools for the job.

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A comprehensive list of metrics and measurement information and tools.
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Security isn’t “someone else’s job”—it’s everyone’s job. In this webcast, Winn Schwartau will discuss the importance of good security practices in the support center. Some of those good practices include monitoring all events, recording and classifying events,...

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While it’s true that measures and metrics need to be focused at each of three levels—operational, tactical, and strategic—it’s also true that both operational and tactical measurements need to provide information that can be used at the strategic level. Many of the...

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The new world of support will be based on more than transactional analysis—it will be built around relationships, goals, and business value. For years, support has tracked volume, speed, and performance against transactional goals. But the new world of support is one in which we will need...
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