Metrics and Measurements

Learn about the metrics you should be tracking and find the right tools for the job.

HDI collects data on hot topics in the technical service and support industry. Quick surveys result in insightful research briefs that provide our community with timely, pertinent information that they can discuss with their peers, share with executives, and use to make research-based business...
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There is often confusion between the information we collect for a dashboard and the information needed to make a decision.
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A comprehensive list of metrics and measurement information and tools.
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I receive a wide variety of questions, but many of them revolve around HDI’s research and metrics. One item that pops up over and over is the “industry standard.” While HDI does publish the HDI Support Center Standard, which is the standard the HDI International Certification Standards Committee...
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We all have customers: internal or external, public or private sector, investors or shareholders. Regardless of who our customers are, we need to not only provide them with an excellent product or an exceptional service, we must also ...
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Security isn’t “someone else’s job”—it’s everyone’s job. In this webcast, Winn Schwartau will discuss the importance of good security practices in the support center. Some of those good practices include monitoring all events, recording and classifying events,...

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While it’s true that measures and metrics need to be focused at each of three levels—operational, tactical, and strategic—it’s also true that both operational and tactical measurements need to provide information that can be used at the strategic level. Many of the...

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