Customer Service

Your customers are your industry. Learn how to show them.

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A comprehensive list of Customer Experience information and tools.
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This infographic shares five ways to impress your customers in technical support. From knowing which inbound contact channels are most utilized to staying on top of how customers feel about the support they receive, this graphic is chock full of statistics about the industry based on HDI's research.
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Organizations often rush to kick-start improvement efforts without first completing a thorough analysis. All too often, improvement exercises are either reactive—knee-jerk responses to what others have done—or conceived in response to the passionate advocacy of a charismatic (and usually senior)...
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Implementing mobile customer service is like training for a marathon. You can’t expect to sprint to the finish without first laying a little groundwork. Just as a marathon training plan sets you up for success long after the race is over, a mobile strategy provides benefits that extend far...
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How important is trust to your business? Important, right? But did you know that most senior executives believe their direct reports trust them more than they actually do? There’s a whopping 43-percent difference between how a manager perceives he’s trusted and how much employees actually trust him.
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Many companies rely on their service management organizations (SMOs) to manage customer requests for products and services. A well-managed SMO understands its clients and works with them to create a quality customer experience. Through the implementation of a customer quality environment (CQE),...
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For companies large and small, achieving high customer satisfaction is a challenge. One common obstacle involves revamping normal business operations and implementing change that improves the quality of the customer experience. However, by implementing an upside-down strategy where the customer...
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