The Business of Support

Develop strategies, improve your value proposition, and increase your ROI and VOI.

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Self-service: The phrase evokes deep emotion in customers and support personnel alike, though they perhaps occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. But take heart, support professionals—self-service is possible!
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Trusted advisors will play a pivotal role in the new world of IT. Cinda Daly sat down with industry thought leaders Malcolm Fry and Phil Verghis to learn more about how businesses can take advantage of this opportunity.
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If you have a job and you give it to someone else, that’s a bad thing. That’s been the traditional view of outsourcing, but there’s a different perspective to consider: Outsourcing is a solution, not the solution.
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Shadow IT is just a new flavor of outsourcing, empowered by the cloud and mobility. For IT to address it, it needs to build powerful relationships, but first, it needs to be seen by the business as a partner in the organization’s success.
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Knowledge management is the future of IT support—but not as we know it today. The reality is, IT’s view of managing knowledge is significantly challenged by modern methodologies.
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It’s the year 2025: Do you know where your IT organization is? Are your people hiding amongst the many business units scattered throughout the enterprise? Are your systems in the cloud? Are you able to distinguish traditional IT roles from traditional business roles? As technology continues to...
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The pace of change is dizzying and the consumerization of IT is forcing profound changes in how organizations deliver IT services.
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