The Business of Support

Develop strategies, improve your value proposition, and increase your ROI and VOI.

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The pace of change is dizzying and the consumerization of IT is forcing profound changes in how organizations deliver IT services.
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Most IT professionals are familiar with the operational metrics of technical service and support: cost per ticket, first contact resolution rate, mean time to resolve—all are well understood and almost universally applied. Yet even support organizations that have mastered these metrics and...
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if you want everyone in the boat rowing at the same speed, you must get the first oar in the water, then the next, and so on until everyone is contributing to the boat’s forward momentum. This is the essence of collective responsibility. Simulations can provide you with the game film, practice,...
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Today, field and support service organizations are being challenged to replace traditional service offerings, where technical services are provided for a fixed price, to new models where revenue is earned by delivering positive customer outcomes. The biggest problem with confronting this...
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Is this the year the walls around IT and support finally come down, once and for all? There is a well-recognized chasm in many enterprises. On one side are the engineers and support people who keep the organization on the technological cutting edge; on the other is ...
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Technology never stops evolving. So we’re left with a choice: evolve with it or get left behind. Because of these rapid changes, the technical support world is playing catch-up, trying to meet the demands of the latest litany of industry buzzwords: the cloud,...

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While it’s true that measures and metrics need to be focused at each of three levels—operational, tactical, and strategic—it’s also true that both operational and tactical measurements need to provide information that can be used at the strategic level. Many of the...

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Does “desktop support” have a future? The HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board thinks it does, and this white paper is a road map that will help organizations navigate the changes ahead.
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