Practices and Processes

Frontline tools and techniques for a successful support center.

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Security isn’t “someone else’s job”—it’s everyone’s job. In this webcast, Winn Schwartau will discuss the importance of good security practices in the support center. Some of those good practices include monitoring all events, recording and classifying events,...

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Hear Buff Scott and Jim Bolton discuss the keys to success for implementing problem management and provide insight and tips for overcoming common roadblocks. This webinar will explore many important topics, such as the foundational elements that need to exist, the data you should be...

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While it’s true that measures and metrics need to be focused at each of three levels—operational, tactical, and strategic—it’s also true that both operational and tactical measurements need to provide information that can be used at the strategic level. Many of the...

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When it comes to technology migrations, the Boise State University customer support team has the formula down. They transitioned from Windows XP to Windows 7 a few years back, a move that helped them establish a solid framework for rollouts; they’re now using that framework to prepare for a...

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Operational level agreement (OLA) template
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The rules have changed. The world of technical service and support is different, and a new kind of ITSM leader is needed. In this webcast, Charles Araujo will examine the changing IT landscape and explain what those changes mean for ITSM leaders. Drawing insights...

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