Practices and Processes

Frontline tools and techniques for a successful support center.

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What is K-Flow, and how can it be used to promote and drive continuous improvement in the support organization?
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People at all levels of an organization want better productivity, more efficiency, and improved communication. This means they often use apps, devices, services, data storage, and more from outside, unapproved providers—known as "shadow IT."

Whether you're just becoming aware of...

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KPIs aren't the goal—continual improvement is. Like ITIL itself, continual improvement is a cycle: once you've achieved a target, the cycle begins anew.
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A self-assist solution is one in which a person doesn’t directly rely on any other person to resolve their problem. No phone call needs to be placed. No chat window needs to be opened. No email needs to be exchanged. True self-assist (sometimes called self-service) is similar to how gas stations...
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This article presents some of the most common problems encountered by agile development groups in waterfall organizations, and some approaches that can help bridge the gap between them. Over time, these methods can help your organization become somewhat more agile, while also helping you work...
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Security isn’t “someone else’s job”—it’s everyone’s job. In this webcast, Winn Schwartau will discuss the importance of good security practices in the support center. Some of those good practices include monitoring all events, recording and classifying events,...

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Hear Buff Scott and Jim Bolton discuss the keys to success for implementing problem management and provide insight and tips for overcoming common roadblocks. This webinar will explore many important topics, such as the foundational elements that need to exist, the data you should be...

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