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Whether you're faced with a specific business need or challenge, or just want to learn more about new solutions, HDI is pleased to work with leaders in the technical service and support industry to bring you white papers, webinars, case studies, research, and other resources on specific and related topics.

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Current Solution Centers

Effective Service Catalogs

How do you create a service catalog your customers will use—and, dare we say, love? Use these great resources from Cherwell Software to jump-start your service catalog project. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving what you have, you’ll find great advice from industry experts like Malcolm Fry, Eric Krueger, and others that will help you avoid common mistakes.

Customer Engagement

This solution center, sponsored by LogMeIn, explores how, why, when, and where customer engagement is critical to the success of customer service and technical support organizations. These resources provide insight into optimizing customer engagement to increase satisfaction, improve loyalty, and advance the overall customer experience. Visit the solution center and download the resources to learn more about how customer service and technical support professionals can manage today’s customer engagement challenges.

ITSM: The Productivity Engine

End users and business and technology leaders are demanding more from IT: the former want greater flexibility, accessibility, and mobility, while the latter want IT to drive business productivity by delivering new services while also being accountable for improving service quality, limiting risk, and aligning IT investments with business productivity goals. The resources in this solution center, brought to you by CA Technologies, will bring you up to date on modern approaches to ITSM, including adopting, automating, and integrating delivery models like SaaS to improve the speed of service delivery. 

Benchmarks for IT Support

Benchmarking is a well-established tool for measuring, managing, and improving performance. Effective benchmarking enables you to quantify the performance of your organization, compare it to others in your industry, identify performance gaps, and develop action plans to improve and optimize performance. In this solution center, MetricNet provides industry metrics, benchmarks, and other resources to set your organization on the path to world-class performance!