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Download tools and templates for the technical service and support industry.

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In IT service and technical support, it can sometimes seem like you’re working in a vacuum. That’s probably one of the reasons you joined HDI, or are considering joining—to network with your peers and get good, reliable information. That’s where I come in. With all discussion groups out there on...
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Support center analysts have a tough job. Maybe a customer (whether internal or external) has just received a new product and can’t understand the installation directions. Maybe the customer’s network connection is not working properly and it’s just one week over the computer’s warranty. Or...
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Those who supervise or manage support centers often run into resistance from management or customers or both, and there’s rarely an easy answer or simple solution. Sometimes, reaching the desired outcome involves hard work and commitment. Although we can’t anticipate every need, HDI has a large...
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One of the high points of my work at HDI is being able to provide members with specific information, usually based on our research, to help them in their quest for improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness. Sometimes, however, there are questions that exceed the limits of our surveys or request...
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There are three levels of value provided by professional associations: to the profession in general, to your organization, and to you personally. In turn, each of these dovetails with commonly identified features of a professional association: networking, education, career development.
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The job market can be rough, and it’s likely that you either have been or will be let go at some point in your career. Here are some tips to help make that transition as quick and painless as possible. Be aware, these recommendations take an investment in time and money. There are no “magic bullets.
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The questions I receive at “Ask the Expert” vary widely, sometimes based on the time of year, sometimes based on information HDI has published. Most often, however, they are related to specific organizations. In this article, I want to share some examples that really illustrate the range of...
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