The Culturetopia Effect

with Jason Young
Tuesday, Jul 15, 2014

Jason Young presents his innovative perspective on creating and sustaining a high-performance workplace where people can do their best work. Based on his recent book, The Culturetopia Effect,  Jason will explain how leadership defines organizational values, values determine the culture, and culture directs behaviors and desired outcomes. He'll also provide practical, easy-to-implement guidance around the seven key determinants that make for a healthy, productive, and profitable culture.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Jason Young
Jason Young has been called a rare breed when it comes to developing leaders and customer service initiatives. As a former senior-level manager at Southwest Airlines, Jason learned the value of a successful workplace culture. During his ten years with the airline consistently rated No. 1 in customer service and employee satisfaction, he was a key driver in creating and developing the company’s innovative training programs for its successful leadership and customer service culture that have become renowned in the business world today. Driven by the need to extend his unique insight in leadership development to others outside Southwest, Jason separated from the pack in 1998, when he left the airline to launch his own consulting practice to focus on corporate training and development services provider specializing in leadership, customer service and team building. Today, as president of LeadSmart, Inc., Jason shares his vision in developing successful corporate cultures and workplace environments with forward-thinking companies, including Starbucks, Radio Shack, Coca Cola and Tyson Foods, to name just a few. He has even returned to his old turf—Southwest Airlines—to extend his knowledge as a corporate training consultant in leadership development area once again. He has even captured his philosophy of creating high performance cultures in his recent book, The Culturetopia Effect.

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