The Association for Technical Support Professionals

Technical support professionals love HDI because it provides them with a profound sense of community. At 150,000 people strong, HDI is a community built by industry peers and leaders that gives you the resources, knowledge, and drive to be great at what you do.

What is HDI?

In 1989, HDI became the first professional association created for the technical support industry. Since then, HDI has remained the source for professional development by offering resources to promote organization-wide success through exceptional customer service. We do this by:

  • Facilitating collaboration and networking
  • Hosting acclaimed conferences and events
  • Producing renowned publications and research
  • Certifying and training thousands of professionals each year

Our Mission

Elevate the customer experience through the development of the technical support industry.

Who is HDI for?

HDI provides the opportunity and the foundation to build your career and your organization’s success. Organizations of all sizes and technical support professionals of all levels and titles can find what they need at HDI to own their career success and increase the overall productivity of business. From frontline support staff to managers and directors to C-level professionals, HDI is your definitive source of industry information, leadership, and standards.

HDI helps executives and directors

Business leaders connect with us because they know an efficient support center improves the overall health and value of an organization.

HDI helps managers and team leads

We help managers balance the goals of their organization with the needs of their team—and ultimately become better leaders.

HDI helps frontline analysts

We are a frontline analyst’s source for understanding the evolving industry while providing tools to groom the next generation of leaders.

Why HDI?

Members of the HDI community elevate the customer experience, which in turn makes business more productive. We stress the importance of understanding the customer’s emotional reactions to a problem and how to differentiate that from the customer’s technical problem. By cultivating skills in communications, customer service, and problem solving, you’ll discover the correct ways to:

  • Escalate tickets
  • Transfer calls
  • Use open- and closed-ended questions
  • Learn and enhance all the soft skills required to better connect with customers

Organizations and support centers come to HDI to increase business productivity and realize financial success by gaining industry-impacting insight into:

  • Management and leadership
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Service level agreements
  • Maturity models
  • Performance assessment and reporting

Through unmatched membership benefits, HDI provides you with the tools to enhance your strengths and lessen your weaknesses – in the end becoming more confident, far-seeing, and prudent as you strive to optimize your support center and reach your career potential.

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