Canon Solutions America provides its customers with industry-leading enterprise, production, and large-format printing solutions, supported by exceptional professional service offerings. A wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA, Inc., Canon Solutions America helps companies of all sizes improve sustainability, increase efficiency, and control costs. The Solutions Support Center (SSC) at Canon Solutions America consists of fifty dedicated individuals—each one of them HDI-certified—supporting a customer base of approximately 50,000 businesses.

The Action

Canon Solutions America views HDI certification as a crucial component of their continuing commitment to their customers. This recognition of the SSC is a natural complement to their technical delivery services, proving their dedication to providing best-in-class, comprehensive support.

Although the SSC had realized success through the adoption of the HDI Support Center Standard and the incorporation of process improvements outlined through the initial certification process, they weren’t content to rest on their laurels. Canon Solutions America opted to undergo a thorough on-site renewal audit and recertify their support center operations just two years after achieving their initial HDI certification.

James Sharp, EVP of Professional Services, had this to say on the subject: “Canon Solutions America manages the customer journey through every touchpoint. From routine product inquiries to more complex calls for support, we want to be best in class among our competitors. Understanding current performance and improving upon it is at the core of HDI certification.”

Among the SSC’s standard training practices early on was the requirement that all agents attain HDI Support Center Analyst certification. Since originally certifying, the SSC has expanded its program to include certifications from the entire management chain of command. This commitment to certification at all levels ensures that the entire support organization is aligned, sharing a common vocabulary, best practices, and expectations. And since each certification builds on prior certifications, individuals build skills that prepare them for advancement, which fosters a positive and supportive environment.

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“We’re growing our services, adding value to our customer engagements, streamlining operations, and reducing costs—all while increasing customer satisfaction. We couldn’t have accomplished this without HDI.”

~James Sharp, EVP, Professional Services

The Result

Driven by a core belief in continuous improvement, every support agent, supervisor, and manager in the SSC strived not only to maintain the standards of the HDI Certification but also to exceed the results that merited original accreditation in 2015. Notably, the recent audit did in fact indicate significant improvement in the areas of customer satisfaction, process and procedures, and performance―achieving an impressive 12.8% overall score increase from the previous audit.

“I have used the phone support line at least five or six times over the last twelve months and my experience has been positive every time!”

~ Laura Owens, Procurement Analyst, Allegis Group

“Our decision to pursue recertification can be summed up in two words: continuous improvement. At Canon Solutions America, our values dictate that we constantly strive to make our operations better, and we secure independent third-party validation of our capabilities and performance at every opportunity,” says Sharp. “These two imperatives are fully supported by the HDI certification process—it helps us continue to get better while also objectively measuring our progress, and recertification ensures a terrific experience for our customers.”

Since its original certification, Canon Solutions America has continued to expand its involvement with HDI, earning the HDI Team Certified Award, participating in local chapter meetings and annual conferences, and taking advantage of HDI’s exclusive content on industry news, trends, and research. Their entire team, from analysts to managers to the senior director, has joined HDI as a member of the community.

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