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This area is a repository for all of the resources you will need in order to deliver an HDI training course. We have assembled the most current information for course facilitation and classroom resources in one place. This includes resources for course activities, presentation files, video and voice files and procedural forms. Please check back often, as materials will be added or updated. Thank you for your participation and dedication to HDI, you help make HDI Certification and Training a success! If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected].

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Student Resources

The Student Online Resource Center area is the repository for all of the resources a student may need to download in order to follow along and participate in a virtual class or to download additional resources for a course. When accessing the Student Online Resource Center, enter the appropriate password per course. If you are a Certified Instructor and have additional resources you’d like to share and add to the Student Online Resource Center, you can email those materials for consideration to [email protected].

HDI Connect Certified Instructor Community

HDI Connect Certified Instructor Community is sponsored by HDI for the exclusive use of HDI Certified Instructors. Leverage the community to network with other HDI Certified Instructors. The contact information you add to your profile is visible only within this community. You may share documents, such as additional exercises and supporting material that you use in your classes, post a blog, or start a discussion on the message board. The HDI Connecct Certified Instructor Community is your place to share your experiences and learn from other professional instructors.

Community Guidelines

  • Be professional.
  • No solicitation.
  • All information posted must be free of copyright protection.

Any abuse of this community may result in your HDI Certified Instructor status being revoked.

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