• Enhance your personal expertise and credentials.
  • Expand the scope of services your training company can provide.
  • Accelerate training and lower training expenses as an internal instructor for your organization.
  • Increase your value to your organization or the training company you serve.

Instructor-led courses delivered by experienced and qualified HDI Certified Instructors are the most popular learning method for support professionals to gain the knowledge of best and common practices. Recognized as industry experts, HDI Certified Instructors are the only authorized deliverers of HDI courses. Support professionals look to them for advice, knowledge, and expertise.

Successfully passing an HDI certification exam requires a solid understanding of the support industry’s most common best practices as expected for a specific role in the support center. While many individuals have support experiences, these experiences are usually limited to specific environments that will not expose them to a more comprehensive scope of practices. The most popular method to gain the knowledge of best and common practices is through instructor-led courses, such as those delivered by experienced and qualified professional trainers like HDI Certified Instructors.

HDI Certified Instructors are granted access to:

  • HDI Certified Instructor Resources
  • All HDI standards
  • HDI webinars
  • Download HDI publications such:
    • SupportWorld, the HDI Association Magazine
    • Focus Series publications
    • The Practices & Salary Report, an annual research report
  • HDI membership resources
  • Discounts to HDI events, training, and the eStore