Frequently Asked Questions

HDI certifications are globally recognized credentials for technical support professionals who have demonstrated the skills and knowledge that professionals in specific roles are expected to possess. HDI credentials distinguish individuals within their profession and ensure the highest standards of professionalism. To remain relevant in the global marketplace, it is imperative that professionals continue development within their careers. For this reason, we've created the HDI Continuing Certification program, which requires HDI-certified professionals to actively participate in industry activities and events to keep their certifications current.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding HDI Continuing Certification.

  1. What is a Professional Development Unit (PDU)?

    A Professional Development Unit (PDU) quantifies an individual's commitment to lifelong learning. Similar to other certification programs, a PDU is generally equal to one (1) hour of learning and can be reported in fifteen-minute increments (¼ PDU).

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  2. Where can I find a list of the activities that earn PDUs?
    HDI-approved activities can be found on the HDI website. You can also submit activities for review. To learn more, visit the How to Earn PDUs page.
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  3. Do PDUs apply to specific certifications?

    Currently, there are no certification-based restrictions on PDUs. The PDUs you earn apply to all of your existing certifications.

    Please note: PDU credits are not certification-specific but must be earned after receiving your certification. Any submission for PDU credits related to professional development prior to your certification date can be approved but will not count towards this renewal.

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  4. I did something that I think should earn PDUs, but I don't see it on your list. How do I report this activity?
    You can submit the activity online, and HDI will review the provided information. You may also suggest that we add the activity to our list of pre-approved activities. If it is approved, it will be listed on the website and everyone can submit it as an activity.
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  5. I went to a conference or course provided by another organization. Can I earn PDUs for that?
    Yes. As long as you submit an activity online and it's approved by HDI, you can earn PDUs by attending other industry events. You may also view the list of preapproved activities to see if the event or course you attended is already listed.
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  6. Can I renew my certification by simply passing the newest version of the exam?

    Yes. The HDI Continuing Certification program simply gives you the opportunity to maintain your previously earned certification without needing to take (and pay for) another certification exam.

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  7. How do I renew my certification if it has expired?
    If your certification expires, you will need to purchase and pass the latest version of the corresponding certification exam.
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  8. What activities does HDI automatically add to my transcript?
    None. All activities must be manually submitted. To gain PDUs for an activity, you must add the professional development activity to your transcript by visiting the My Professional Development page.
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  9. Which HDI certifications fall under the HDI Continuing Certification program?

    The HDI Continuing Certification program requirements apply to the following management- and supervisory-level certifications:

    • HDI Support Center Director (HDI-SCD)
    • HDI Support Center Manager (HDI-SCM)
    • HDI Desktop Support Manager (HDI-DSM)
    • HDI Support Center Team Lead (HDI-SCTL)
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  10. Which HDI certifications do not fall under the HDI Continuing Certification program?

    Some HDI certifications do not currently expire. These certifications are:

    • HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA)
    • HDI Desktop Support Technician (HDI-DST)
    • HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)
    • HDI Knowledge-Centered Support Principles (HDI-KCS)
    • All pre-2013 Certificates
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  11. What are the requirements for certifications earned after January 1, 2013?

    Individuals who earn certifications after January 1, 2013, must acquire PDU's to re-certificatigy within three years of the date the original HDI certification was awarded. Each individual applying must have earned sixty (60) PDUs within thirty-six (36) months of receiving their certification. For applicants who fulfill the requirements within ninety (90) days of a certification’s expiration date, the certification may be renewed early.

    If the certificate is renewed early, the term dates will remain the same: if original certification date was July 1, 2014 and the certificate is renewed January of 2016 the next renewal will be July 1, 2020.


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  12. How does HDI recognize an individual's HDI credentials?

    Notify My Manager 

    This is a free service provided by HDI. Individuals may request that HDI notify their managers, potential employers, recruiters, or any other persons of interest that they hold specific HDI credentials.


    This is a free service provided by HDI. Individuals may use the HDI Certified logo on signatures, resumes, LinkedIn pages, etc.

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  13. How can individuals maintain their transcripts and report their professional development activities?

    Individuals may maintain a transcript of their professional development activities as an extension of their HDI profiles. Activities can be reported at any time. HDI recommends that individuals update their transcripts after each activity, both to minimize potential for forgetting a completed activity and to simplify the process of applying to the HDI Continuing Certification program.

    To download a copy of your transcript, please visit the My Professional Development page.

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  14. What is the cost for renewing an HDI Certification?
    There is not a fee assessed to renew your certificate. When you reach the 60 approved PDU's please send an email to [email protected] and we will renew your certificates expiration date on your Online Transcript. We will also email you an updated .pdf of your certificate.
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  15. How do I renew a certification?
    To renew an HDI Certificate, you must have 60 approved PDU's in your Online Transcript on the HDI website. Then, please email [email protected] and the renewal will be completed.
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  16. How long will my certification be valid after it has been renewed?
    Your certificate is valid for an additional 3 years from the original date of certification.
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  17. Why didn't my certification date update?
    The certification date will never change from the date that you originally passed the exam. The expiration date in the lower right hand corner will be the only date that changes and it will be moved out 3 years.
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