In 2020, data from Gartner and Glassdoor revealed a direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. Yet 48% of companies struggle to get practical experience programs up and running.

Experience level agreements (XLAs) are the foundation of a fresh and optimistic approach to managing the business of technology. This workshop introduces the concept of experience, including what it is and why it matters, and uses interactive exercises to nail down the concept of XLAs and set learners on a solid path toward the experience economy. Participants will gain a practical understanding of the anatomy of an XLA and how it relates to the flow of work in an organization. If you or your organization seek to improve the customer and employee experience, enable productivity, growth, and innovation, and take the first steps into a new way of working, then this course is for you!


This one-day course is presented in collaboration with XLACollab and TSO and delivered by instructors accredited by APMG. Learners who take the certification exam will earn the Experience Champion credential. 

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn the key concepts of experience management, including:

  • What experience is
  • Why experience matters
  • How to transition from a service economy to anexperience economy 
  • What KPIs, SLAs, and XLAs are and how they differ

Who Should Attend?

This class is for everyone who wants to improve customer, supplier, and employee experience. It's an awareness class for those who need to understand what experience management is and why it is necessary; it's the first step for people who wish to be quartermasters of experience management in their organizations. In other words, it's for anyone who helps organizations implement experience management.

Course Outline

This course covers the following concepts:

  • Understanding the experience economy
  • The experience landscape and Experience Now
  • The balanced assessment of reality
  • The five economic values that drive XLAs
  • The experience dashboard and the meaning of watermelonkiwi, and reverse watermelon
  • The relationship between service and experience management
  • What XLAs are and how they're built
  • How XLAs and SLAs differ
  • The Experience Optimization Framework
  • The distinction between the art and science of experience
  • And much more!

Virtual Classroom

Price: $999

These scheduled courses provide students with live, instructor-led training delivered by HDI faculty. Using web conferencing software and an audio bridge, students interact with the instructor without ever leaving their desk.

  • Minimize the impact on your daily schedule by only training one-day.
  • Learn only what you need to with targeted, topic-specific courses.
  • Ask questions and interact with the instructor.

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Private Group Training

HDI can train your team at your facility, eliminating individual travel costs and putting more control in your hands.

  • Control class size and pick training dates that accommodate your business schedule.
  • Focus on your organization’s key issues and pain points.
  • Save money. With groups of eight or more, this option is often more cost effective.
  • To learn more about this program, contact an account manager or call 1.800.248.5667.

Nov 06, 2023 - Nov 06, 2023
HDI, Virtual Classroom
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Certification Exam

Exam included with public, virtual, or onsite courses. Exams are NOT included with event workshops.

Examination Format

All students taking an Essence of Experience class will be provided with an exam voucher for an online proctored exam with APMG International. Learners will have 12 weeks in which to schedule and take the certification exam. Exams are closed-book and consist of 30 questions to be answered in 40 minutes. A score of 65% or better is required to pass and become certified.

HDI Support Center Analyst

Date: 6/7 - 6/9/11

Location: Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel
5855 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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