This one day course looks at developing foundational knowledge and skills in workforce management for service and support centers. No previous workforce management is required to attend this course. Students will learn how to accurately forecast workforce requirements, and use strategic scheduling techniques to maximize operational efficiency.

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will learn the key process of Workforce Management (WFM).

We will also explore the various components of the Planning and Management process of the contact center, from Service Level/Response Time Objectives, Data Collection and Forecasting, to Real-Time Management and Reporting and Analysis. This will enable you to more effectively and efficiently manage the service and support center processes.

Who Should Attend?

Service and support center supervisors, managers, team leads and anyone new to the workforce management function in your center.

Course Outline


  • Gathering WFM issues from participants to incorporate into course topics or handle at the end of the course.

Module 1: What is WFM?

  • Defining WFM
  • The Planning and Management Process
  • Stages and Organizational Structure of WFM groups
  • 6 step process for holiday planning
  • WFM Maturity Grid

Module 2: Forecasting

  • Four Key terms: Talk Time, After Call Work Time, Handle Time, Workload
  • Forecasting Methodologies
  • Common Forecasting Issues

Module 3: Resource Staffing

  • Calculating Staffing Needs
  • QueueView
  • Six Immutable Laws
  • Staffing Model
  • Shrinkage
  • Response Time Calculation

Module 4: Scheduling

  • The Demand Curve
  • Scheduling Process and Practices
  • Scheduling Challenges and Options

Module 5: Effective Real-Time Management (RTM)

  • Three Key Principles of RTM
  • Communications
  • RTM Monitoring
  • Proactive Planning – Escalation Plan

Module 6: WFM Reporting & Analytics

  • Data Administration: People, Time Management & Contacts/Calls
  • WFM Metrics and Strategic Line of Sight
  • Data Visualization

Module 7: Summary & Next Steps

  • Six Key Learnings
  • Action Plans/Next Steps 

Virtual Classroom

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These scheduled courses provide students with live, instructor-led training delivered by HDI faculty. Using web conferencing software and an audio bridge, students interact with the instructor without ever leaving their desk.

  • Minimize the impact on your daily schedule by only training eight hours over one day.
  • Learn only what you need to with targeted, topic-specific courses.
  • Ask questions and interact with the instructor.

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HDI Support Center Analyst

Date: 6/7 - 6/9/11

Location: Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel
5855 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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