HDI’s History with KCS and Relationship with the Consortium for Service Innovation

Since HDI launched its first KCS training course in 2004, it is proud to be one of the leading organizations driving best practice in Knowledge Centered Services(KCS) through certification and training. We have trained thousands of support professionals on this business critical practice. Enterprise level, Fortune 500 companies have worked closely with HDI over the years to upgrade their KCS core principles and best practices – whether it be through significant investments in training and certification or via KCS assessment and performance improvement consulting.

For nearly 20 years, HDI has invested its time and resources to supporting the most current KCS best practices as reflected by the many updates we have made to our certification and training program. HDI wants to ensure its customers are implementing the most current KCS practices in their environment. HDI has also invested in the trainers who support our KCS educational efforts by certifying them and supporting their exposure to KCS best practices and advancements. HDI’s trainers are industry experts who focus on solving your business challenges.

We are pleased to announce that HDI has updated its certification and training to reflect the current standard – version 6 – which was released to the public by the Consortium for Service Improvement (CSI) in the summer of 2016. For many years, HDI collaborated closely with CSI to update the KCS certification standard on a regular basis – with close involvement on updates 4 and 5 in particular. HDI also consulted with CSI when they formed the KCS Academy by advising on their certification and training business. CSI’s Executive Director was awarded with HDI’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. HDI used CSI’s publicly available standard to update its certification and training to reflect the changes featured in version 6 of the standard. HDI is fully within its rights under its agreement with CSI to train and certify KCS v6 on any prior or future versions of the KCS standard.

HDI is proud to be at the forefront of supporting KCS in the support center and service management communities. We are 100% committed to improving the performance of our customers’ support environments through KCS as well as developing their teams effectively and efficiently when employing KCS practices.

HDI offers its certification training in many flexible formats – whether it be live in person, live online, onsite at your company’s location or via on-demand learning – we want to empower you to advance your KCS knowledge and skills today. Click on the below links to learn more about our KCS courses and training schedules.

KCS Foundation
KCS Principles

If you have any questions regarding HDI and our long standing support of KCS certification training, please contact Megan Selva, Director, Content and Training, or Tara Gibb, Senior Director.