The interconnectedness of devices for home and business—the Internet of Things (IoT)—demands a new definition of support.
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September 22, 2015

What will be the continuing impact of technology on ITAM, and what additional changes should be anticipated in the next five years?
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August 10, 2015

The service desk is at a crossroads. Specifically, a new approach to incident and problem management is needed, and Big Data is the place to start.
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August 10, 2015

Collaboration is the future of work—it paves the way to innovation and progress, and it's the best thing you can do for your team and organization.
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August 3, 2015

IT is no longer in complete control of business technology, and for some organizations, that’s a hard pill to swallow. The first step toward this new future requires taking action and scanning the horizon for new opportunities.
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July 20, 2015

At today's speed of business, replacing a device is often more cost- and time-effective than repairing it. What has shaped this trend, and what effect is it having on technical support?
Tag(s): desktop support, asset management, service desk, service desk technology, support center, supportworld, technical support, technology
July 20, 2015

The Internet of Things is taking shape, and as dumb end points gain smarts, support desk call volumes will rise. Are you ready?
Tag(s): internet of things, support center, service desk, technology, supportworld
July 13, 2015

Support teams implementing knowledge management solutions tend to focus their attention on the knowledge repository and the search tool they are adopting. But consideration solely for these technical aspects is not sufficient to guarantee success in a knowledge-centric service management initiative.
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July 13, 2015

The service desk can play a pivotal role in preventing data breaches and thwarting cyber-crimes. Tools alone aren't enough; it takes training, documented procedures, and support from senior management.
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July 6, 2015

Knowledge management is the future of IT support—but not as we know it today. The reality is, IT’s view of managing knowledge is significantly challenged by modern methodologies.
Tag(s): business of support, future of support, KM, knowledge management, support center, supportworld
June 16, 2015