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“There are so many benefits that we see from HDI trainings, from increased enthusiasm to utilization of best practices to reduced turnover and eventually increased customer satisfaction,” says Bob Roark, VP of service management at NuAxis Innovations. “Our customers see the benefits of our dedication to customer service through the utilization of HDI standards on a daily basis through our ability to keep users productive."

It all started…

In 2002 with a small team of passionate technologists with one goal in mind: To help customers derive the business value they seek from their IT investments. A simple, yet important mission that has since catapulted NuAxis Innovations into a solution-driven IT infrastructure support contractor for the federal government. Today, NuAxis partners with leading agencies like the Department of Labor and the Department of Interior, and has more than 350 employees across 22 states

Early on, they faced a major challenge within their support center: They needed to implement best practices and mature their overall support environment. And as a start-up, they had to do it quickly.

The team was reactionary. They weren’t on the same page. They had no formal processes to follow. Their customer interaction was inconsistent.

So they made an investment…

An investment in consistency. An investment in a common language and set of best practices crucial to the success of a customer-facing support team in its infancy. After all, there isn’t much the customer appreciates more than helpful, consistent answers and solutions from an entire support team—top to bottom. NuAxis chose HDI as their go-to partner in tech support excellence. Since 2003, NuAxis has made HDI training and certification a standard for the support team. All tier 1 and tier 2 employees now possess the knowledge and skills to both consistently solve the client’s technical issues, and to better connect on a more human, customer-centric level. Most importantly, they’re now poised to provide functional support that demonstrates clear value in relation to the business needs of the organizations they serve.

Being trained, certified, and consistent with industry best practices was a solid foundation, but for NuAxis, it didn’t stop there. Promoting and taking pride in their accomplishments was of paramount importance. As was continual improvement. To that end, they now have six support centers who have earned the HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award—an honor bestowed upon support teams where every member has achieved HDI certification.

6 of NuAxis' support teams have earned the HDI Pinnacle of Excellence Award!

And now…

The NuAxis support team is a united front, armed with the knowledge and best practices to tackle any customer issue in a way that’s efficient, effective, and delivers on their promise of providing tremendous business value through their IT service and support.

HDI Support Center Best Practices Assessment