What is it?

The HDI Team Certified Award recognizes your team for its commitment to service excellence through the adoption of best practices and the acquisition of enhanced skills and knowledge.

Who is it for?

This award is for any support team of four or more members where at least 80% of the team members are HDI-certified.

What are the requirements?

Eighty percent of your support team must be HDI-certified, and your support team must have at least four members.

Qualifying HDI Certifications

What do I receive?

Award recipients receive a certificate, permission to use the HDI Team Certified logo, and public recognition of their achievement. Recipients may also choose to order a crystal award for $200.

What is public recognition?

With your approval, HDI will include your support organization and company name on the list of HDI Team Certified Award recipients on our website and in promotional materials. You also have the option of purchasing a crystal award to display in your support center ($200).

How much does it cost?

There are no fees associated with the HDI Team Certified Award. Should you choose to order a crystal award to display in your support center, you will receive an invoice for $200. Payment must be received before the request can be fulfilled.

How often can I apply?

As long as your organization continues to satisfy the requirements, you can apply for this award each year.

How do I apply?

Submit your application online today. Once your application has been submitted, an HDI Customer Care Center representative will contact you to verify your information.

Have questions or need assistance with your application? Contact the HDI Customer Care Center at [email protected].