Forum FAQs

  1. Can multiple individuals from the same company be members of the same HDI Forum group?
    Yes, we have multiple current Forum members with this arrangement, and we actually offer a discount on additional HDI Forum annual packages purchased from the same organization. Please contact the HDI Forum program manager directly for more details.
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  2. Can I share the annual HDI Forum package with a colleague?

    Yes, you can share the HDI Forum package with a colleague from your company. When you join, we ask you to identify a primary member and a secondary member if you have a colleague that you will share the annual package with. When sharing a package with a colleague, please note that only one member can attend a single meeting, though the primary and secondary members can take turns attending the meetings. For example, the primary member could attend the summer meeting and the secondary member could then attend the fall meeting, and so on. Both the primary and secondary members will be added to the Forum group's online community on HDIConnect. However, the secondary member must be an HDI member in order to gain access to the resources on HDIConnect. This is a money-saving tactic, but it also ensures that more than one person from an organization benefits from the value of the HDI Forums.

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  3. Can I switch to a different HDI Forum group that suits me better, even if I’m in the middle of my annual subscription?
    Yes. The HDI Forum program manager will work with attendees to help them find the best fit. We have had several members switch HDI Forum groups or test drive different groups prior to purchasing a full annual package.
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  4. Can HDI help me build a business case to gain approval to join an HDI Forum?

    Yes. Either the HDI Forum program manager or an HDI account manager will work with prospects to help them build a business case to join the HDI Forums. HDI can offer a prewritten sample business case, as well as a justification letter, to help you gain approval. Plus, HDI can offer written and video testimonials on the value and ROI of being an HDI Forum member from current and past members, as well as case studies and an HDI Forum brochure as supporting documentation.

    You can also attend an HDI Forum Roundtable event to experience the value firsthand and help you determine whether an HDI Forum is a good fit for you. Contact your HDI Forum program manager today!

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  5. If I can’t attend an HDI Forum meeting, can someone go in my place?

    Yes, attendees are encouraged to designate substitutes to attend in their place in the event that they cannot make it to a given meeting.

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  6. Where can I find the dates for future meetings?
    For present and future meetings, visit the HDI Forum Meetings schedule page. Contact the HDI Forum program manager if you need any historic information.
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  7. Who selects the topics and speakers for the HDI Forum meetings?
    Topics are selected by the members of each HDI Forum group. All HDI Forums have a steering committee that works with the HDI Forum program manager to narrow topics down to a manageable scope and to define the specific focus of the topic. The HDI Forum program manager then works with the HDI Faculty, other HDI Forum members, industry consultants, experts, practitioners, and HDI Annual Conference & Expo presenters to find subject matter experts (SMEs) appropriate for the selected topics. The steering committee holds conference calls with all SMEs prior to the meeting to ensure that the presentation will meet the members’ expectations. All SMEs are expected to deliver an interactive discussion rather than a lecture-style presentation. This format allows for the members to exchange knowledge, share information openly, and brainstorm solutions to take back to each of their organizations.
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  8. How are the meeting locations selected?

    Meeting locations are selected by the members of the HDI Forums. Consideration is given to the cost of accommodations and flight availability before a location is added to the short list. Members are then polled and asked to vote on the final locations.

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  9. Can I skip an HDI Forum meeting and “use it” at a later date if I can’t attend?

    No. This is why we encourage substitutes to attend whenever possible. Forum membership is annual and it applies to specific meetings. We do offer test drive, single meeting, and custom package purchase options for members who know they won’t be able to attend specific meetings due to prior commitments or conflicts.

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  10. Do you have a virtual HDI Forum group if I can’t get approval for travel?
    No. Should you find yourself in a situation that does not allow you to travel, contact the HDI Forum program manager to work on a solution that will meet your specific needs.
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  11. What is the annual package price for an HDI Forum?
    The price varies by group. To review pricing for each group, see our pricing and qualifications.
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  12. Does the HDI Forum price include travel expenses? Does the HDI Forum price include all meals?

    No, travel is not included in the purchase price of HDI Forums. However, we do negotiate a group rate for hotel accommodations, and we cover the food and beverage expenses for the opening reception, breakfasts, lunches, breaks, and dinners (the number of each varies by group).

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  13. What is the HDI Forum cancellation policy?

    HDI Forum Test Drive Meeting Cancellation Policy: All HDI Forum test drive registration cancellations must be made in writing. You may cancel without penalty up to two months prior to the HDI Forum meeting you are registered for, after which a $150 cancellation fee will be charged. No-shows and cancellations one month prior to the HDI Forum meeting you are registered for will be charged the full test drive meeting rate.

    HDI Forum Annual Package Policy: All HDI Forum annual package sales are final. No refund or credit is available for cancellations or missed HDI Forum meetings. The HDI Forum annual package is for a named individual. If a member is unable to attend an HDI Forum meeting, substitution is permitted and recommended. Should a member no longer be able to represent their organization within the HDI Forum, the organization can request that the membership be transferred to another representative within the same organization. The benefits included in the HDI Forum annual package cannot be exchanged for other HDI products or services.

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I had a great time at the forum. The people, content, and discussions were great. I really liked the small group meetings and multiple days of discussing with the same people. I’ve been to 5 HDI conferences, including Fusion but there is never any time to have discussions at breakout sessions, so I saw this as very beneficial and I hope to attend more in the future.
--Brad BiagiFirst American