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HDI Leadership Forum attendees know that an efficient support center improves the overall health and value of an organization.

By regularly consulting and collaborating in face-to-face meetings, Leadership Forum participants gain fresh perspectives and tangible resources they can use to improve service levels, discover new solutions, and improve their bottom lines. Each Forum meeting consists of an attendee-led agenda that’s created in response to the specific priorities, topics, and interests of the participants. Most Forums meet two or three times a year and include things like:

  • a networking reception
  • interactive sessions with industry experts
  • case studies
  • group problem solving sessions
  • additional group activities

Request more informationdownload the Forum brochure, contact an HDI account manager, or register for a free HDI Leadership Forum sneak peek webinar to learn more.

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Upcoming Events  

2018 Leadership Forum Events Schedule

June 11-14, 2018

Live HDI Leadership Forum Event - Jacksonville, FL (Excludes Higher Education Forum)

Desktop Support Leadership Forum

Executive Leadership Forum

Healthcare Providers Forum

Retail Leadership Forum

Support Center Leadership Forum

July 16-19, 2018

Live HDI Leadership Forum Event - Bozeman, MT (Higher Education Forum Only)

Higher Education Leadership Forum

September 17-20, 2018

Live HDI Leadership Forum Event - Phoenix, AZ (Excludes Higher Education Forum)

November 12-15, 2018

Live HDI Leadership Forum Event - Columbia, SC (Higher Education Forum Only)


Recent Past Events

April 8 & 9, 2018

Live HDI Leadership Forum Event - Las Vegas, NV (All HDI Leadership Forum Groups)

Executive Leadership Forum