HDI 2014 - A Digital Experience is one of HDI's most popular virtual events. If you still haven't registered yet, check out our Top 10 list of reasons for you to attend:

  1. Network With a Global Audience of Support Professionals. The opportunities may not be face-to-face, but the networking that goes on at the digital event is a great way to connect with your peers.
  2. Intensive Learning That Sparks Innovation. Hear from the best of the best! Hand-selected speakers at this virtual event aren't only there to entertain. Gain insight and invaluable knowledge from speakers that will surely keep your attention long after the broadcast is over.
  3. Get Motivated by Top-Rated Speakers. If you missed the chance to see the keynote speakers at the HDI 2014 Conference & Expo, be sure to tune in to HDI 2014 - A Digital Experience to catch their messages and experience the impact of their motivational messages.
  4. Visit the Digital Expo Hall . Get a feel for today's latest tools and technologies when you get to chat with industry-leading solution providers in our state-of-the-art, digital expo hall.
  5. Collaborate With Your Peers. Whether you're looking to learn, motivate, or to share, HDI 2014 - A Digital Experience provides you the opportunity to collaborate with peers during our facilitated chat groups and interacting with the industry experts presenting their sessions.
  6. Training That Won't Break the Budget. Whether you're able to attend the entire day, jump online during your lunch hour for a quick motivational pick-me-up, or need to play an on-demand post-event, this event has opportunities to fit the busy days at the office, and your tight schedule. The environment allows for anytime, anywhere 24X7 access through June, and it's all free!
  7. Incredible prize giveaways. Attendees have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes, including conference registrations for the HDI 2015 Conference & Expo (March 24-27, 2015), a three-night stay at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas -OR- for FUSION (October 19-22, 2014), a three-night stay at Gaylord National in Washington DC,  and more from our sponsors in the digital expo hall.
  8. Facilitated Chat Groups. HDI 2014 - A Digital Experience encourages professional networking and peer-learning by leading expert-guided, facilitated chat groups throughout the event. Join us for a variety of topics, discussions, and opportunities to learn from (and with) your peers!
  9. No Travel Required. Whether you're looking to learn, motivate, or share, you and your team have the luxury to choose what on-demand session you'd like to view. And we think we have insightful sessions to fit everyone's needs - best of all, there is no travel required!
  10. Direct Access to the Pre-Event Workshop. Learn about how you can leverage mobile solutions to improve your company's performance at the pre-event workshop, Great Experiences for Customers on the Go:  A Mobile Support Solutions Spotlight. You can also view a bonus video keynote presentation.

BONUS REASON: Rewarding badges. Are you a bookworm? A social butterfly? A voyager? A session seeker? Attend webcasts, visit solution providers, join chat discussions, download resources, or invite others to the event to earn badges. Your badges display in your profile and on the "Who's Here" screen to help you find other HDI members, social butterflies, and bookworms to share ideas.

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend

Plan your May team meeting around this content-rich, interactive event!

This event is completely free. There is no cost to register or attend.