Good Communication Practices Aren’t Just for Major Outages

with Michael Hanson
Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015

Most organizations think about communication best practices with reference to major outages, and events, but don’t consider the impact good communication can have on first contact resolution (FConR) and mean time to resolve (MTTR), even in a day-to-day context. Large outages attract a great deal of attention and planning, but are organizations rolling their good practices down to the level of so-called routine incidents?

Increasingly, enterprise-grade organizations are communicating with globally dispersed teams without considering how well their communications are working. Especially now, as enterprise service management (ESM) becomes more prevalent, are communications reaching the necessary audience, both IT and non-IT? Are recipients getting them and reading them? What kinds of differences can better communication make in both routine and major incidents?

This webinar will give you new communication ideas and practices to improve the metrics that matter most to customers and to the business.

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About Our Speaker(s)
Director, IT Support
Mike Hanson has many years of experience with IT leadership, having managed several different aspects of technology over the past 30 years. Today, he serves as the IT Service Desk Manager for PSCU. He has been involved with HDI for many years, as both a local chapter officer and as a past chair of the HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board.

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