Following the Sun: Managing a Distributed Workforce

with Brandon Caudle
Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Organizations are growing and changing, often adding support center locations in faraway places or embedding support in different business units. How can managers do their jobs effectively across time zones and cultures? When being face-to-face with staff is not a viable option, how can a manager get to know people, and vice-versa? What tools can be used to bring far-flung offices together and maintain a culture of service excellence? How do you handle management of IT incidents and requests across distributed teams?

Join Brandon Caudle, an IT service desk manager in a 24x7, follow-the-sun operation, as he shares insights into these and other questions about managing a distributed workforce.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Manager – IT Service Desk
Brandon Caudle is a seasoned service and support industry practitioner and consultant, with more than twenty years of experience working in and with Fortune 500 companies. As an industry visionary, he has driven ITIL and knowledge initiatives across multiple companies and countries. Today, Brandon leverages his KCS expertise, skillset, and experience to assess, implement, and evolve knowledge and CRM solutions in the technical service and support industry across multiple time zones and geographies. His favorite yoga pose is Savasana.

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