Evolving Customer Support in a Shift-Left World

with , Roy Atkinson
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

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More and more organizations are using the shift-left approach to support, bringing more complex work down to Level 1 and moving more repetitive work out into self-service. Likewise, more customers are seeking to solve their own problems before contacting support. With Level 1 work becoming more complex and more urgent for customers, remote support teams must optimize their processes and rethink their customer support strategies.

In this webinar, HDI’s senior analyst, Roy Atkinson, will tell you why organizations are shifting left. You’ll discover how robust remote tools are enabling support teams in high-performing organizations to provide quick resolution to half or more of their issues.

What you’ll learn:

  • Industry expert tips on how to run a more efficient, more cost-effective support center
  • Best practices for identifying when, where, and how to shift left
  • Actionable advice on leveraging remote support to improve the delivery of support across the support center and desktop support
  • Effective use cases for deploying technology to enhance the support teams value and optimize their role in a shift-left world

Who should attend:

  • Support center managers seeking to improve the performance of their support centers
  • Desktop support managers seeking to familiarize themselves with the latest practices and tools
  • Anyone in technical service and support seeking a better understanding of remote support capabilities

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Roy Atkinson
Group Principal Analyst
Roy Atkinson serves as CEO and Principal Advisor for Clifton Butterfield, LLC, a business advisory practice, and is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation and a member of the HDI Strategic Advisory Board. Roy received the HDI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson

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