Employee Experience Is Everything: Using Real-Time Data to Optimize and Delight

with Charles Araujo , Ian Aitchison , Roy Atkinson
Tuesday, Apr 19, 2022


In 2022, enabled by new technologies and driven by customer and employee expectations, organizations are looking to deploy and improve the platforms, tools, and processes that empower the modern tech support workforce to deliver world-class service.

How and where tech support teams interact with internal and external customers and end users is constantly evolving – and creating new challenges – as organizations navigate a new normal. Customers/end users demand flexible access options and expect seamless, effective, and personalized interactions every time they contact your team. To meet those expectations, organizations are investing in hiring, training, and engaging tech support employees— and giving them the tools they need to deliver personalized support and solutions.

Before they can know where to invest, however, IT leaders must understand what support techs experience every day. Traditional infrastructure and application monitoring are no longer enough. IT teams need visibility into how support techs interact with every application, delivery platform, or service - whether they are working from home, onsite at the local office, at customer/end user locations, or move regularly in between.

In this panel discussion, industry thought leaders will discuss the current state of the tech support employee experience. They’ll explore evolving customer and end user expectations, how and where customers/end users interact (and would prefer to interact) with tech support teams and automated systems, and how tech support managers and IT leadership must adapt workforce management, technology, and operational strategies in response.

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Employee Experience Is Everything: Using Real-Time Data to Optimize and Delight

About Our Speaker(s)

Founder & CEO
Charles Araujo is a technology analyst and internationally recognized authority on the digital enterprise, the digital experience, and the future of work. Having researched digital transformation for more than 10 years, he's now focused on helping leaders transform their organizations around the digital experience and reimagine the future of work. Publisher and principal analyst of "The Digital Experience Report," founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, cofounder of The MAPS Institute, and author of three books, Charles is a sought-after keynote speaker and advisor to technology companies and enterprise leaders.
Ian Aitchison
Snr Director, ITSM
Ian Aitchison is a senior software product portfolio leader, with a proven track record in a dynamic, growing, global environment. Ian is currently VP of product management at Nexthink, and he speaks frequently on digital experience, ITSM, ESM, automation, AI, and the future of business technology. Ian has presented at many industry events worldwide, including Gartner Symposium, Pink Conference, SDI, SITS, itSMF, BrightTalk, and at HDI’s Service Management World, When not working, Ian can be found spending time with his wife, kids, and dog, messing around a lot in boats, sometimes still DJ-ing and, very rarely, strumming the ukulele (badly).
Roy Atkinson
Group Principal Analyst
Roy Atkinson serves as CEO and Principal Advisor for Clifton Butterfield, LLC, a business advisory practice, and is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation and a member of the HDI Strategic Advisory Board. Roy received the HDI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson

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