Generative AI and Large Language Models in IT Service and Support

with Matt Peters , Michael Azoff , Marc Seybold , Tim McElgunn
Tuesday, Apr 11, 2023

IT service and support professionals are excited about the possibilities for generative AI powered by large language models (LLM), such as ChatGPT, and with good reason. But many IT leaders are struggling to understand how these tools will change how they and their teams operate.

On April 11, join HDI and a panel of industry thought leaders to assess the current state of the art for large language models in IT service and support. Our panelists will share insights into some of the current capabilities of and applications for large language models in creating and empowering blended IT teams.

They’ll discuss some of the early lessons organizations are learning about the potential and limitations of this technology.

And we’ll explore their opinions on where LLM will have an immediate and long-term impact for IT organizations and where hype is well ahead of reality.

You’ll learn:

  • Where we are today in thinking about applying these powerful tools to improve IT service and support.
  • What are some widely shared misconceptions about LLMs that IT leaders need to avoid.
  • What’s needed to prepare for and successfully execute a large language model implementation that will help your teams deliver superior IT support and service management.
  • How IT leaders can convince financial decision makers to invest appropriately, and continue investing, in LLM.
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About Our Speaker(s)

Matt Peters
Chief Technology Officer
Matt Peters serves as CAI’s Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for enterprise technology, infrastructure, security operations, and all technical consulting practices. He provides strong leadership and seeks new, innovative technologies to enhance the capabilities that CAI delivers to clients. Prior to joining CAI, Matt held positions at Accenture and Oracle. He holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Computer Science, and Psychology (Human-Computer Interaction) from Juniata College. Always seeking ways to instruct and help colleagues and clients, Matt is a frequent speaker at national conferences, webinars, and podcasts. He is a music aficionado (attending over 300 concerts) and enjoys hiking with his family in national parks across the country.
Michael Azoff
Chief Analyst
Michael is a chief analyst on Omdia’s cloud and data center team, where he covers a range of topics related to the cloud, data center, AI, software development, Agile, and DevOps. He also provides consulting to clients and support for Informa Tech events, with a focus on cloud native computing. Michael was previously a consulting analyst at GigaOm, covering AI and software development. Prior to this, he was chief analyst at Kisaco Research, where he introduced an analyst chart on AI chips. Michael was also a distinguished analyst at Informa companies, including Ovum, for 17 years. After completing his PhD in solid-state electronics at the University of Sheffield (England), Michael worked at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and published academic papers. He went into R&D, built neural networks, launched a startup for his Prognostica Microsoft Excel add-in for time series forecasting, and published a book, Neural Network Time Series: Forecasting of Financial Markets.
Marc Seybold
Research Fellow
Marc Seybold is a native New Yorker who received his BA in Computer Science from Queens College CUNY. Marc is the former CIO of SUNY College at Old Westbury, New York and Chair of the Council of Chief Information Officers, SUNY. Currently, Marc is a Nemertes Research Fellow where he focuses on emerging technologies.
Principal Analyst
Tim McElgunn is Principal Analyst for HDI and ICMI, producing and managing content and events for our community of contact center and technical support professionals. A skilled analyst, strategic advisor, writer and editor, Tim has extensive experience researching, synthesizing, and explaining strategic, regulatory, technology, and service trends. Before joining the Informa team, Tim held senior editorial and analysis roles at Bloomberg Law, Stratecast Partners/Frost & Sullivan, and Gartner.

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