2018 Manager of the Year Award Finalist

Doug Rabold, CPS Energy

Siobhan TateDoug’s role includes leadership of the support team in IT End User Support who are responsible for various ITIL process roles. His direct reports engage in Change Management, Configuration Management,centralized client-side IT Hardware Asset Management, Inventory Management, Process Documentation, Quality Management, Release/Deployment Management and IT Systems Administration according to focus areas' governing strategies and/or process charters. His team also provides focused functional support of decentralized IT Asset Procurement, IT Expense Management, Knowledge Management, Problem Management and Software Asset Management activities. Cross-functional resources support the internal Business customers as well as Tier 1 through Tier 3 IT partners to ensure highest quality of service and optimized Service Level Attainment while adhering to internal governance and industry best practices.

In a field so many industries depend on for everyday RTB, working in IT can be exciting and stressful as our customers expect services to always be available and expect IT to perform magic. One of Doug's personal qualities, the ability to stay calm when negative things happen, helps keep the team focused on the process to find a solution. This also helps reduce the stress level of his colleagues when a collaborative effort is required.

Doug is open to the ideas of others and listens for understanding. His personal quality of open mindedness goes both ways as many times Doug himself provides an idea or solution from different perspective or plays "devil's advocate" to help identity risks that may not have been obvious. Doug is open to thinking like others in order to see all sides of the equation.

Doug has a love for process and therefore, continual process improvement. This is a personal quality that has paid off for not only Doug's team but for the other two teams in Operations & End User Support. Over the past 19 months, Doug has built a team from a group of long-term employees in other roles to new ones with ITIL- based functions - many of which they had never done before. He was in his wheelhouse helping his team develop all the processes necessary to stand up the Quality Management Program and Telephony Expense Management Program; re-launch Problem Management, Knowledge Management; and improve IT/SAM, SCCM Administration, and CMDB.

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Manager of the Year Award

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Ultimately, leadership is about doing the things that drive action, get results, and improve performance. It is the ability to influence and motivate others, and provide the tools and environment that allow others to make the best contribution towards the attainment of goals. A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. They might not set out to be a leader, but they become one by the quality of their actions and the integrity of their intent.

The Manager of the Year Award acknowledges and honors a service and support manager who has excelled at supporting any or all IT services within their organization. Through this award program, HDI seeks to recognize prominent professionals who most clearly demonstrate the ability to serve and advance information technology within their industry. The Manager of the Year Award winner is announced each year at the HDI Annual Conference & Expo.

Nominations for the award must be submitted by October 31.

Guidelines and criteria for the Manager of the Year Award.

For more information on this award or the nomination process, contact Kerri Kramer at 719.955.8127 or your HDI local chapter.